Multi-Slot Desk Name Plate Holders

Have a big team in your office? Staff members sharing offices perhaps? We offer multi-slot nameplate holders to identify your team members and improve in office communication.

It’s the perfect way to display information at your desk or workspace. Our clear, Multi-Tier-Office Desk Nameplate Holders include multiple nameplate display options. They interchange easily with room for 2 to 5 different inserts. They have a 1/16” opening and are 8 ½” wide x 2 ½” high. This holder fits perfectly in your office to highlight names, titles, departments and more. 

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What are the benefits of these multi-slot Nameplate Holders?

  • Perfect for spotlighting staff members names, title, and other identifiers.
  • Built to last with Premium Thickness Acrylic & long-lasting means cost-effective.
  • Plastic Nameplates are affordable, especially considering how durable they are.
  • Multiple styles & sizes available, we can accommodate any type of custom nameplate holder requirement. 
  • Designed for multiple applications.
  • Attractive with any office décor/motif.
Multi-Tier Desk Nameplate Holders - 3-Slot

Multi-Tier Desk Nameplate Holders - 3-Slot

Improve In Office Communication & Overall Office Design 

There’s no better way to proudly display information on your desk or workspace than with our clear multi-tier desk nameplate holders. These clear multi-tier desk nameplate holders ensure your credentials are seen. 

Custom desk nameplates are also available upon request. Grab attention and focus on department names, official titles, and directional signs all in one!

Multi-Tier Desk Nameplate Holders - 4-Slot

Multi-Tier Desk Nameplate Holders - 4-Slot

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