Multi-Slot Desk Name Plate Holders

Have a big team in your office? Staff members sharing offices perhaps? We offer multi-slot nameplate holders to identify your team members and improve in office communication.

It’s the perfect way to display information at your desk or workspace. Our clear, Multi-Tier-Office Desk Nameplate Holders include multiple nameplate display options. They interchange easily with room for 2 to 5 different inserts. They have a 1/16” opening and are 8 ½” wide x 2 ½” high. This holder fits perfectly in your office to highlight names, titles, departments and more. 

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What are the benefits of these multi-slot Nameplate Holders?

  • Perfect for spotlighting staff members names, title, and other identifiers.
  • Built to last with Premium Thickness Acrylic & long-lasting means cost-effective.
  • Plastic Nameplates are affordable, especially considering how durable they are.