Making QR Codes Easily Accessible with Acrylic Sign Holders

Making QR Codes Easily Accessible with Acrylic Sign Holders

One of technology’s most frequently used innovations is the QR (Quick Response) code. Invented in Japan in 1994, these scannable, machine-readable codes make it easy to pay for groceries, and maneuver menus and payments at restaurants. Now you can use them to board a plane and order a new channel on your Roku. The possibilities are truly endless.

The appeal of touch-free transactions also blasted off in the effort to avoid cross-contamination early in the pandemic. But QR convenience is only beginning. Now they just need to be made more easily visible and scannable.

That’s where crystal-clear attributes of acrylic enter the picture. An Acrylic Sign Holder, for example, gives end users comfortable, touch-free access to QR codes using a smart device. Imagine a counter display at a furniture store. You see a promotion in an Acrylic Sign Holder containing a QR code. Hold your phone to the Sign Holder and maybe get an instant coupon, or details you want about a piece of furniture.

Top-Loading Acrylic Sign Frame – Plastic Products Mfg.

Besides retail, a Top Loading Acrylic Sign Frame also helps fill QR interactions in heavy foot traffic areas like busy campuses. You may have also noticed them on display at doctor’s and dentist’s offices. For the QR provider, installing imprinted codes is as easy as sliding a document, promotion, or glossy in place from the top.  


It’s like they’re made for each other. The clear visual properties of Acrylic Sign Holders and Sign Frames deliver convenient access to QR codes, making the combination extremely popular!

Do you know where else QR codes are turning up these days? Business cards, for one…so don’t forget your Card Holders. And one of the most innovative uses of QR codes takes place in Seattle…where you can scan QR codes on people’s graves to get complete information about the deceased!