Cubicle Accessories and Essentials for Warmth in Cold Work-spaces!

Cubicle Accessories and Essentials for Warmth in Cold Work-spaces!

It doesn’t really matter if your office is in the frozen northern tundra or the Sun Belt: indoor air temperatures are notoriously low in many offices, leaving those in the cold finding ways to stay warm in cubicles.

A Workplace Insight report last year reported that only 16% of U.S. workers were satisfied with office temperatures. Women in particular are more susceptible to thermostats set by male counterparts wearing suits. There’s a disparity between men’s and women’s body temperatures that was not widely considered back in the 60’s, when the formula for optimal office temperature was first developed and mostly unchanged ever since!  

Winter or summer, indoor air temps have workers battling the draft with heated chairs, electric blankets, heated floor mats, and the good ol’ space heater. Still, according to Business Insider, “the freezing office” is the number one complaint in workplace polls.

Other ways to keep warm? listed its top 10, including a heated seat cushion, earmuff headphones, a fancy foot warmer, and typing gloves!

But it’s the portable space heater most frequently called upon to help warm up those colder, draftier office spots and cubicles. Office Depot offers several safety suggestions in that regard since space heaters are still a significant source of fires. Even something as simple as desk organizers can keep papers away from potentially fueling a space heater fire. 

Cubicle Brochure Holders, Cubicle Hooks, and accessories can also play a part in organization and warming up work spaces metaphorically. New Multi-Tier Name Plates Holders with border colors add a splash of warmth and style for work-spaces, accommodating a variety of sizes. If your staff is warming up cubicles and getting organized, keep these upgrades and fine details in mind!