Wall Sign Holders with Pockets

Looking for a touch of class and elegance for your office walls? Look no further than these eye catching wall sign holders with brochure pockets. They accomplish two goals at the same time: displays your sign so it communicates well and provides take a way materials about your company, products or services. 

Our Sign Frames with Pockets offer attractive and organized styles and sizes to highlight your promotional pamphlets and brochures. We have every possible combination of styles and sizes to fit whatever you need. From POP displays to wall mounted options when counter space is at a premium. You may be surprised at how much business a well-placed Sign Frame can bring.

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What are the benefits of these wall sign holders?

  • Perfect for spotlighting a key message or program.
  • Multiple styles & sizes available, we can accommodate any type of requirement
  • Super tough acrylic is built to last and hard to break
  • Customizable, creating a visual association with your name or logo
  • Available in a large number of sizes to accommodate most any size print material
  • Easy to reload for rapidly changing promotions
  • Integral part of your marketing and promotional programs, helping to increase revenue
  • Volume pricing available for added savings
Sign Holder with Card Pocket

Sign Holder with Card Pocket

Improve In Office Communication & Overall Office Design 

For decades, Plastic Products Mfg has built a reputation on a foundation of sturdy acrylic.  Nowhere is this more evident than in our best-selling Sign Holders with Brochure Holders.  As customer needs have advanced over the years, our acrylic Sign Holder designs continue to keep pace with a variety of attractive, organized, efficient sizes and styles to showcase your promotional pamphlets and brochures in the best possible light.

Even our most basic Acrylic Sign Holders with Brochure Holders present a host of options.  Each packs a double punch with Sign Holders ranging from 8-1/2” by 11” to 17” by 11” for wider glossy presentations.  We can accommodate any horizontal and vertical promotional sign, each slanted to reach up and meet the eyes of your customers and prospects.  

After you’ve grabbed their attention, the attached 4” wide Brochure Holder offers further details with grab-n-go pamphlets.  Our APD style goes a step further…a 17” by 11” Horizontal Slant Back Sign Holder as the centerpiece with two Brochure Holder Pockets on the right and left sides.  

Our POP Display Holders also offer the two Brochure Pocket advantage, opening a world of options in your custom point-of-purchase display.  Click to see this acrylic display’s other configuration possibilities, including our POP Acrylic Display Style CTC’s Side Load Brochure Holder that’s a full 8-1/2” wide.  Another unique option in the POP Display Holder category adds dual Side Load Sign/Brochure Holders side-by-side next to the featured 17” x 11” promotion.

Acrylic Wall Frame with Brochure Pocket


Acrylic Wall Frame with Brochure Pocket

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