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Splash Shields and Sneeze Guards help prevent the spread of illness and keeps surfaces clean and sanitary. When it comes to keeping customers, students, and staff healthy, new standards in physical spacing are changing footprints and blueprints. Along with hand sanitizer stations and PPE, the strategically placed Protective Shield is another “must” in essential COVID supplies.

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Acrylic Sneeze Guards / Protective Barriers - As schools and businesses adjust interior spaces to meet new and unprecedented demands in COVID Protection, Plastic Products Mfg is answering the call with plastic sneeze guard protective shields in our proprietary Acrylic. Medical facilities, office complexes, production lines, showrooms, retail, food service, and school campuses at every level are all looking for that extra protection.

Helping lead the fight for healthier, more sanitary indoor environments come several dynamic new designs in Splash Shields and Custom Sneeze Guards. An Acrylic Sneeze Guard delivers added protection in a premium thickness material that is both tough and transparent. And in addition to Acrylic, a Plexiglass Sneeze Guard shield option is also available.

Acrylic Portable Sneeze Guards - 30" x 30" x 10"

Acrylic Portable Sneeze Guards - 30" x 30" x 10"

Acrylic: Geared for the New Normal in Physical Spacing

Stopping the spread of infectious disease is a crucial part of reopening. As we fight together to make safety a priority, consider areas where foot traffic is most likely to concentrate, even when properly distanced. Admission and Reception areas as well as Points-of-Purchase may be obvious. But what about a Counter Sneeze Guard where countertop transactions once went unnoticed? Acrylic Desk Dividers and the Cubicle Sneeze Guard have a new place in the office. Cash register lanes are also being reconfigured with Custom Sneeze Guard shields.

The principle behind these plastic sneeze guard protective shields began in food self-service where Splash Shields first provided a barrier along salad bars, buffets, and cafeterias. Sneeze Guards became increasingly visible in reception areas, banks, and convenience stores, providing a clear separation between employees and customers. Now that line of protection is being applied in more areas than ever imagined. From the cubicle to the countertop, Plastic Products Mfg has your acrylic solution! 

Taking Inventory of COVID Supplies

Providing the right guidance and communicating effectively is another challenge in pandemic and post-pandemic times as schools, businesses, and offices adjust. In addition to Custom Sneeze Guards and Protective Shields, the clean, clear aspects of Acrylic Sign Holders and Nameplates can be used to reinforce social distancing, PPE distribution, and directional guidance for foot traffic.  

Contact-Free Set-Up

A Customer Relations Specialist will be glad to work with you from a safe distance to determine the right plastic sneeze guard protective shield options for your campus, medical facility, office, or retail operation. From Custom Sneeze Guards for a unique application to a desktop Counter Sneeze Guard. Or a Cubicle Sneeze Guard, ready to slide in place straight out of the box.

Take COVID Protection seriously. We’re on your side and ready to help now!   

Acrylic Cubicle Sneeze Guards - 60" x 24" x 2"

Acrylic Cubicle Sneeze Guards - 60" x 24" x 2"

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