Business Card Holders

They never go out of style and never will. As long as business is transacted, so will the mighty business card. This personalized identifier has been around for decades and to this day, business cards remain a popular way to get your corporate name and logo displayed in a unique, professional style and design. 

Getting noticed is an important attribute, especially in high-profile, heavy foot traffic areas. Professional centers, medical facilities, and office settings can certainly benefit from Business Card Holders in sturdy acrylic. Placed centrally in a lobby area or near elevators where people tend to gather, eyes are instantly drawn. Multiple pockets make an attractive wall display that neatly organizes an array of business cards. We have several configurations in stock and ready to ship.

Top Features of Our Business Card Holders

  • Vertical Card Holders provide versatility for unique styles and design displays.
  • Display gift cards, business cards, or any related promotional material.
  • Multiple pocket and multi-tier options.
  • In-stock & ready to ship immediately
Countertop Business Card Holder

Countertop Business Card Holder

A Marketing Tool that Will Always Remain Important

Trade show booths and point-of-purchase counter tops are great places for dispensing business cards. They are present in the most personal business meeting…the first meeting with someone new; offering a valuable opportunity to make a lasting impression.

A basic Single Pocket Card Holder provides an economic alternative for the desktop but can also serve well in higher traffic areas. Whether on the countertop, part of a wall mount, single pocket or multi pocket, be sure you’re not letting business cards sit unnoticed and untouched. Give them the spotlight they deserve and promote your business.

Attachable Business Card Holder

Attachable Business Card Holder

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