Matching Literature Holders and Brochure Displays to Your Business

Matching Literature Holders and Brochure Displays to Your Business

Which Literature Holders and Brochure Displays are right for your business? Flyer and literature holders serve different purposes, and you just might be surprised at the wide range of available options. Single-Pocket Countertop, Multi-Pocket Countertop, Wall-Mount Single, Wall-Mount Multi-Pocket…there’s a lot to sort out when trying to determine how to best maximize brand and marketing exposure.

So which Brochure Holders are suited for your operation? Premium thickness acrylic delivers versatility and durability, making Acrylic Literature Holders and Brochure Holders a popular choice across a large cross-section of industries. The right vehicle for Brochure Displays begins with the obvious: size. For example, magazine and pamphlet sizes are both typically featured in medical offices. Countertop Brochure Holders 8-3/4” wide and Single-Pocket Tri-Fold Literature Holders are a potentially perfect match.

Need a Literature/Brochure Display that can also serve outdoors? Once again, premium thickness acrylic both catches the eye and stands up to hard knocks. Cafes, restaurants, vendors, and those engaged with outdoor events and showplaces all choose acrylic. It’s weatherproof and maintains clarity without scratching and smudging. From menus to blockbuster promotions, our proprietary acrylic Literature Holders make the ultimate statement!

Whether loading a 4” Brochure Holder or a Literature Holder 5-1/2” wide, Plastic Products Mfg has the spotlight display you need for a focused marketing strategy. Hospitality, high-end retail, real estate, office and school campuses, healthcare, food service, expos, summer events and fundraisers…all are getting on board with clear acrylic Brochure Displays.

The common denominator for each application? Clear acrylic delivers aesthetic appeal that catches the eye, and it’s easy to keep clean for a polished look. Yet the material is tough and sturdy, making reuse a breeze and your investment a long-lasting one. Explore more Literature Holder and Brochure Holder options and get your order in today for speedier delivery and use, straight out of the box!