How to Design an Effective Brochure Campaign

How to Design an Effective Brochure Campaign

Considering a new print campaign or freshening up an older brochure? Here are a few factors to think about.

Who are you trying to reach? Identify your target demographic and gear your text, pictures, colors, and graphics accordingly. You can establish a strong connection with your audience once you’ve determined the proper age range, gender, and other qualifications. Don’t try appealing to just anyone…or everyone.

What should your pamphlet/brochure achieve? Obviously, inspiring interest in your brand, a particular product, your school campus, or a tropical vacation is the ultimate goal. Put yourself in the shoes of your intended audience and ask what YOU would expect. The front of your bi-folds and tri-folds should jump from Brochure Holder to eye. This is your “hook”…the motivation that gets potential customers to take your brochure out of the Ad Holder and see what’s inside.

Avoid clutter. Don’t feel obligated to explain every single detail about your operation. Identify the most important benefits and make them the focus. If the copy is overly wordy or hitting points that aren’t as vital, you risk losing interest.

What makes your organization, business, or school stand apart? Your POP Display/Countertop Brochure Holder is gathering interest and your new brochure has hooked its audience. Now what? Provide a “call to action” that makes the reader choose you over a competitor. Is it the price point? A rebate? Lower tuition with a higher level of education? Make that point clear and, chances are, your audience will respond positively.

KISS. “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” This is not meant as an insult. But remember that people are busy and trying to impress them with your vocabulary tends to have the opposite effect. Same thing with lengthy text. If you want to keep that attention span from drifting, just get to the point. Period.


Strategic display location is also key to a successful campaign. If floor space is short on counter space, Wall Mount Brochure Holders may be more ideal for stopping foot traffic. Place this style of Ad Holder at eye level and open new opportunities.

Combination Sign/Brochure Holders should also be a consideration. Larger dimensions in Acrylic Sign Holders can be used for bigger ad slicks to capture the eye while the attached Brochure Holder supplies “grab n go” pamphlets and print material. Standing vertically and slanted back to attract attention, the especially ambitious can even offer DUAL Brochure Pockets on either side of the Sign Holder. Double your impact with side-by-side campaigns and see what happens! It may require a little more work, planning, and printing costs on the front end, but the payoff can make it an extremely worthwhile ROI.

Another key to a successful campaign? Think about the brand awareness you can add in POP Displays and Brochure Holders themselves. Reinforcing the message in your print material can be done with customized screen printing on the Ad Holders. A corporate logo, brand graphics, or school emblem screened directly to a Countertop or Wall Mount Brochure Holder adds an alluring touch and enhances that oh-so-crucial connection in the memory banks.

One more tip to remember: don’t make your brochure copy unnecessarily dated. References to seasons or holidays can detract from your credibility if the print promotion extends beyond those times. If your campaign IS time-sensitive, be sure your staff keeps those Brochure Holders updated!

Do you have other design ideas that need to match brochure dimensions with Brochure Holders? That’s an area where Plastic Products Mfg. can help. You can also check our catalog at for a closer look at POP Display styles and the boost they can give your new brochure and pamphlet effectiveness!