Cubicle Sign Holders for a Smarter Food Plan in the Office

Cubicle Sign Holders for a Smarter Food Plan in the Office

Are you the type who continues working through your lunch break? Or maybe you simply prefer to stay in your cubicle and browse the internet while lunching. In the course of a typical hectic workday, your private space can be incredibly productive one minute and your personal oasis/escape the next. Either way, it’s easy to develop eating habits…for better or worse.

Trying to avoid the enticement of doughnuts and cake in the break room is one thing. Developing a plan to avoid gaining weight and staying healthy takes a bit more ambition but can be easier than you think!

The first step begins before you even get to work. Not to belabor the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there are reasons to back it up. Breakfast replenishes glucose and energy-inspiring nutrients while engaging your metabolism after a night’s sleep. No time for breakfast? Fruit, yogurt, and granola travel well and will sharpen your focus no matter where you eat.

Avoid energy drinks and sugar-laden beverages. You might get a jolt but then comes the inevitable crash. Your body also builds immunity to the caffeine and sugar levels – but not the crashing and calories.

If you pack your own lunch and snacks, you’re also more likely to maintain that energy level without feeling loaded down…a typical result of fast food lunches. Nuts, berries, peaches and pears can satisfy urges for something crunchy, salty, and sweet. Lunch preparations can also give you more specific ideas about caloric intake.

Limiting starches and carbohydrates can also benefit your energy level, waistline, and blood glucose levels. Believe it or not, incorporating certain fats can boost energy and help weight loss. Look for foods with Omega 3 fatty acids.

The best way to keep it all straight and readily visible? Put your checklist in clear acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders. They’re easy to hang and give any vital signage and literature a prominent showcase…including those smart office diet plans!