Cool Cubicles and their Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders

Cool Cubicles and their Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders

Have you seen the unique approach some companies have taken with their cubicle layouts? Some are rather…imaginative, like those at Google Zurich.

More privacy? How about a unique design with four walls, vaulted ceiling, bookshelves, and look-out portals?

Whimsical design aside, chances are that cubicles in most operations tend to be more traditional. What they all have in common is the need for proper identification in Name Plate Holders and the need to adjust them when cubicles are modified.

Introducing Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders. Universal Single-Sided Name Plate Holders deliver a clearly defined spotlight on individual name/title inserts. Adjustable Double-Sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders are comprised of premium thickness acrylic with crystal clear visual acuity…on both sides of the display.

What sets these Name Plate Holders apart is the Magic Tape that makes each style adjustable over and over with no residue. This clear, removable Magic Tape does not yellow and gives users added flexibility from 2” to 3” wide. Polished acrylic catches the eye and conveys a professional looking image – no matter how conventional or outlandish the cubicle.

Regardless of style, maneuverability and the capability to remove and adjust the size of the holder makes both single-sided and double-sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders a wise investment.

Speaking of office floor layouts that go beyond the conventional, have you seen the Madrid office of Selgas Cano Architecture?

Nestled in a forest setting, this aerodynamic tube incorporates a long, curved window/wall that reaches into the ceiling. Cubicles there are more like stations without walls…and all part of the Spanish woods, brought indoors with plenty of natural light.


Redesigning your own work environment? Don’t forget the Name Plate Holders, adjustable for cubicles time and again!