Breathe Easier in Your Workplace with Effective Spring Cleaning

Breathe Easier in Your Workplace with Effective Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring’s officially begun, have you gotten around to Spring cleaning yet? Home projects are a category of their own, but Spring cleaning at work is equally important considering how much time is spent there. This annual rite is not just a fresh start for a new season. Deep cleaning is also good for your health and those around you.

Better efficiency is another byproduct of a clean workspace. Clearing clutter can make the day seem less burdensome for a little psychological boost. Physically, a cleaner work environment reduces the spread of sicknesses and that keeps absenteeism lower.

Nobody says it has to be you doing the hard-n-dirty labor either. Consider outsourcing the job to professional cleaners. That frees your time…and a good cleaning company can dive deeper for a higher level of cleanliness and indoor air quality.

If you do plan a DIY approach, don’t forget to clean and sanitize those most common touch areas.

* Phones

* Light Switches and Plates

* Door Knobs and Handles

* Keyboard, Monitor, and Mouse

* Electronic Devices

* Picture Frames/Décor

* Cubicle Accessories and Wall Tops

Speaking of cubicles, Acrylic Cubicle File Holders can also help with clutter-clearing organization. Our proprietary premium thickness acrylic itself is also easy to keep clean and sanitary. That goes for other office essentials like Multi-Slot Cubicle Nameplate Holders, Wall Frames, and Sign Holders.

Think of Spring cleaning as a fresh, healthy start to a more pleasant workplace. Daily workers and crewmates breathe easier and can stay more focused on tasks and creativity. A professional, polished appearance also makes a solid impression. So good luck with your Spring cleaning endeavors and just let us know if you need additional acrylic display products to enhance your new look!