Wall Sign Holders

Every office needs wall sign holders to help deliver the message and improve in office communication. Great looking and affordable, our wall sign holders can be branded in your colors with your logo to improve the look and feel of your office environment.  

Plastic Products Mfg. acrylic poster holders, frames, and poster holders make ideal showcases for your biggest new promotions, sales, event pronouncements, product launches, and any type of marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of these wall sign holders?

  • Perfect for spotlighting a key message or program.
  • Multiple styles & sizes available, we can accommodate any type of custom requirement.
  • Super tough acrylic is built to last and hard to break.
  • Customizable, creating a visual association with your name or logo.
  • Available in a large number of sizes to accommodate most any size print material.
  • Easy to reload for rapidly changing promotions.
  • Integral part of your marketing and promotional programs, helping to increase revenue.
  • Volume pricing available for added savings.
Acrylic Window Sign Holder with Suction Cups

Acrylic Window Sign Holder with Suction Cups

Improve Your Signs Visual Appeal

Wall sign holders from the past were made of heavy steel, aluminum or other metal or even wood, which all can be expensive and age pretty quickly. Our modern, sleek looking wall sign holders complement your signs and other marketing materials in a way that gets your message out there in an elegant, great looking way.

Acrylic Wall Frame with Brochure Pocket

Acrylic Wall Frame with Brochure Pocket

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Wall Sign Holders