Sign Holders with Pockets

Every office needs sign holders with brochure pockets to communicate their products and services and improve branding. Great looking and affordable, our sign holders with pockets can be branded in your colors with your logo to achieve any promotional or communication goal you need to accomplish.  

Our Sign Holders with pockets are sure to catch the eye of potential customers. We make it even easier with our combination Sign holder with brochure pocket product. The Sign Holder puts a spotlight on your business or products and the attached brochure holder makes it easy for customers to grab your marketing materials for future contact. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so you’re sure to find just what you need.

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What are the benefits of these Sign Holders?

  • Perfect for spotlighting a key message or program.
  • Multiple styles & sizes available, we can accommodate any type of custom sign holder requirement 
  • Super tough acrylic is built to last and hard to break
  • Customizable, creating a visual association with your name or logo
  • Available in a large number of sizes to accommodate most any size print material
  • Easy to reload for rapidly changing promotions
  • Integral part of your marketing and promotional programs, helping to increase revenue
  • Volume pricing available for added savings
POP Sign Display Holder with Two Brochure Pockets

POP Sign Display Holder with Two Brochure Pockets

Improve Communication, Branding & Sales

The key to successful marketing requires innovative thinking about the way you present your products and services, and how they inspire prospective customers to respond…hopefully by making a purchase.  When you attract customers with your signs and slicks highlighting your print materials, they will remember you. Whether at the point-of-purchase or appealing to passing foot traffic on the retail floor, trade show, or hotel lobby, clear Acrylic Sign Holders with Brochure Holders are ideal.

Plastic Products Mfg’s long history of producing Acrylic Sign Holders comes with a proven track record of success.  Our Brochure Holders have been popular with our customers for decades.  We thought: why not combine the two for double impact and dual functionality in one incredible display?  Each of the styles you see draws your attention and invites prospects to take a brochure. This “see-and-grab” approach works well for making a sale!

The Acrylic Sign Holder with Brochure Holder style AB slants back vertically from a sturdy plastic base, angled to catch the eye and make your promotion easy to view.  With the base tucked behind the Sign Holder, the Brochure Holder on the right appears prominently.  

Acrylic POP Display Brochure/Flyer Holder

Acrylic POP Display Brochure/Flyer Holder

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