Office Desk Nameplate Holders

In an office setting, a desk nameplate holder is just as important as the desk itself. The people that make up your organization are everything. So make sure they can be identified as such. 

Every desk in your office should have a nameplate holder sitting on top of it. 

Plastic Products offers affordable, premium made acrylic holders perfect for any desk. Manufactured in a variety of styles and sizes, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Highlight names, titles, departments and more. These nameplates will add class and professionalism to your office.

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We have the newest styles in Desk Nameplates. Explore the many attractive, modern-looking desktop nameplate holder options available, including several new styles along with traditional Nameplate Holders. Plus, get added value with your inserts; FREE Nameplates are included with select sizes. They're made of heavy gauge perforated card stock that will provide good stability.

What are the other benefits of desktop office desk nameplate holders?

  • They're built to last with Premium Thickness Acrylic.
  • Plastic Nameplates are very affordable, especially when you consider the durability factor on your investment.
  • Long-lasting means cost-effective.
  • Style and size availability; we can accommodate Custom Nameplate Holder requests in a variety of sizes.
  • Designed for multiple applications.
  • Excellent way to spotlight names, title, and other identifiers.
  • Attractive in any décor.
Glass Green Office Desk Nameplate Holders - Sloped

Glass Green Office Desk Nameplate Holders - Sloped

Improve In Office Communication & Overall Office Design 

Geared for the most popular sizes of Desktop Name Tags and Name Signs, plastic name plaques with clear acrylic makes inserts easy to read and simple to load. These desktop nameplate holders are designed to complement your office décor to lock focus in even the busiest office environments. New styles feature a slanted angle in classic acrylic like NPAA Clear and NPAA GG in stunning Glass Green. Accentuate your look with Desktop Nameplates with Borders...Silver or Black.

Also check out our Executive Series and Multi-Tiered alternatives. All of our nameplates deliver clear visual acuity, aesthetic appeal, and command attention for names, titles, department IDs, and directional type signs like “Enter”, “Exit”, and “This Way”. Check out pattern options and Custom Nameplates using your EPS or Vector Art files for personalized templates on select orders.

From traditional Office Desk Signs to custom Name Placards, this Desk Nameplate variety is built to last in premium thickness acrylic. Lower per-unit pricing on bulk orders gives you added savings on your Nameplate investment. These desktop nameplate holders never show signs of aging, fading, or yellowing.

From classic NPA Slant Back Nameplate Holders to Magnetic Nameplate Holders with neodymium magnets, you'll find what you're looking for in stylish fashion here, showcasing inserts and signage. Make your name signs stand out by customizing them and then save money with our pre-printed inserts.

Executive Office Desk Nameplate Holders

Executive Office Desk Nameplate Holders

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