Multi-Slot Cubicle Nameplate Holders

Some office cubicles feature nameplate holders with multiple names on them. Called multi slot or multi-tier, these nameplate holders hang nicely atop office cubicle/partition walls with no tools required. Adaptable and nice looking, they offer up that professional, branded look your office needs. 

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What are the benefits of these multi-slot Nameplate Holders?

  • Perfect for spotlighting staff members names, title, and other identifiers.
  • Built to last with Premium Thickness Acrylic & long-lasting means cost-effective
  • Plastic Nameplates are affordable, especially considering how durable they are.
  • Multiple styles & sizes available, we can accommodate any type of custom nameplate holder requirement 
  • Designed for multiple applications.
  • Attractive with any office décor/motif.
Multi-Tier Cubicle Nameplate Holders – 5-Tier

Multi-Tier Cubicle Nameplate Holders – 5-Tier

Improve the Look & Feel of Your Entire Office

These interchangeable Multi-Tier Nameplate Holders give you multiple slot options for name/title inserts, department identification, and directional signage. Combination Suite Identification accommodates inserts 8-1/2” wide x 2-1/2” high in a variety of depths for easy installation on partition walls with 2, 3, 4, or 5 slots, making them perfect to hang in cubicles and other office spaces.

They also offer a high degree of visual acuity with 92% light transmission and great clarity, so they can be seen from close up or far away. No matter what cubicle arrangement you have in your office, they are ideal for any workplace situation.

Plastic Products multi-tier nameplate holders cover these applications and many more to better meet your needs with standard dimensions and custom sizes. Great-looking designs also feature incredible durability, affordability, and ease-of-use.

Note: Be sure to measure your cubicle carefully before ordering. The “Depth” is equivalent to the width of your cubicle/partition wall. Measurements we need are for the Inside Dimensions.

FREE Nameplate Cardstocks are included with select sizes.

3-Tier Cubicle Nameplate Holder

3-Tier Cubicle Nameplate Holder

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