Custom Display Solutions

Customized Display Solutions

Customization is our specialty. Showcasing products, promotional literature, retail sale items, services, and signage takes an eye-catching display. Plastic Products Mfg. has specialized in custom point-of-purchase (POP) displays and custom display solutions since 1980, offering a clear advantage with premium acrylic highlighting and accentuating your image and brand.

Give your literature and signage a prominent POP acrylic display – or anywhere foot traffic congregates. Our skilled, friendly customer service team can help you find the right solution based on your application.

Bringing Display Concepts to Life

High-end retail operations, commercial centers, school campuses, and medical/professional offices all rely on the sturdy attributes and clear visibility of acrylic displays. The tough yet durable material stands up to hard knocks in high foot traffic areas. And whether for timely promotions, safety announcements, or directional guidance, your message gets delivered with distinction in an easy-to-read acrylic showcase.

Acrylic display cases and clear acrylic risers are also an appealing, attractive way to show high-value items. Give custom POP displays that added “wow” factor…acrylic gives you virtually endless possibilities to get creative!

Why choose Acrylic over other display materials?

Acrylic provides exceptional advantages in custom display solutions, like…

* Durability. Acrylic lasts longer than wood, which tends to rot and fade - and metal that loses its patina and is prone to rust.

* Endurance. Acrylic is known for its longevity, giving you an excellent return on investment. Acrylic displays can be re-used indefinitely!  

* Toughness & Longevity. Acrylic is relatively scratch resistant and holds-up well over time.

* Easy to clean. Keeping acrylic displays sparkling clean and sanitary only takes a simple spray-and-wipe!

Best Acrylic Options for dynamic exposure, your budget, and speedy turnaround.

Custom displays in top quality acrylic provide a classy, elegant look in fine retail settings. Acrylic complements and promotes brand exposure - at a pleasantly affordable and cost-effective price. That’s why they’re also ideal in displays from trade shows to the hospitality industry. Strategic placement of aesthetically appealing acrylic draws attention with target audiences and foot traffic in the best light possible!

As an industry leader and manufacturer, Plastic Products Mfg. can turn your vision into a reality. Custom displays are hand-crafted in our well equipped production facility within 10-12 business days.

Some minimums may apply, so be sure to inquire and we’ll be glad to help. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives can guide you through value-added options, too…just ask!

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