Custom Display Solutions

Customized Display Solutions

Customization is our specialty. Showcasing products, promotional literature, retail sale items, services, and signage takes an eye-catching display. Plastic Products Mfg. has specialized in custom point-of-purchase (POP) displays and custom display solutions since 1980, offering a clear advantage with premium acrylic highlighting and accentuating your image and brand.

Give your literature and signage a prominent POP acrylic display – or anywhere foot traffic congregates. Our skilled, friendly customer service team can help you find the right solution based on your application.

Bringing Display Concepts to Life

High-end retail operations, commercial centers, school campuses, and medical/professional offices all rely on the sturdy attributes and clear visibility of acrylic displays. The tough yet durable material stands up to hard knocks in high foot traffic areas. And whether for timely promotions, safety announcements, or directional guidance, your message gets delivered with distinction in an easy-to-read acrylic sho