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Our plastic holders are versatile, lightweight and unbreakable. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations so you’re sure to find just what you need. They securely hold, highlight and protect your material. They come in versions for countertops and wall mounted options. If you’re in an office you'll need some quality plastic holders. We have just what you need at a cost effective price.

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Looking for a low-cost display alternative?  Take a look at Plastic Products Mfg Vinyl Holders.  Versatile, lightweight, and unbreakable, we offer a number of vinyl sign holder options that get the job done in cost-effective fashion! 

Vinyl Poster Holders and Sign Holders not only show your promotional materials well, they protect them, too.  Vinyl Sign Holders load from the top and come in 4 standard sizes.  We offer vinyl holders for walls that can be wall mounted or stood on countertops with a foldable easel.  Economy Vinyl Poster Holders come in 15 standard sizes and are shipped with your choice of fasteners for mounting.

Plastic Products Mfg also offers a Vinyl Sign Holder with a clear Brochure Pocket for added functionality and yet another dimension to your display.  Vinyl Brochure Holder Pockets are also available as a stand-alone item, pre-folded or shipped flat for easy assembly after delivery.  Just peel and stick ‘em to any surface, including other Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and Poster Holders.  You might be pleasantly surprised how low volume pricing is on quantity purchases.  Shipping costs are low as well, especially when you consider per-unit pricing in the long run.                

Vinyl Sleeves and Ticket Holders are also popular for internal uses, especially protecting documents like invoices, purchase orders, and bills of lading.  Their light weight and low cost can be deceptive…these heavy-duty items may be inexpensive but they’re definitely not cheap!  Vinyl’s tough properties make it an ideal substance for demanding construction requirements such as roofing, siding, window frames, and piping.  Vinyl has a lengthy history in the automotive industry, from dashboards and body moldings to floor mats and interior upholstery.  It’s this same rugged durability that makes Economy Vinyl Sleeves and Job Ticket Holders such an excellent value.  Consider…


•      Easy to clean

•      Safe and easy to use

•      Lightweight, good for storage

•      Ships flat for shipping, lowering freight charges

•      Inexpensive-per-unit cost

•      Available with Peel-and-Stick adhesive backs for fast, easy hanging

•      Available in multiple size variations

•      Virtually indestructible 


Vinyl Channels are available, too, ideal for shelf Price Tags, Nameplates, and a variety of other uses, including wall mounted signage.  Please take a look at the money saving Vinyl Holder option