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Bring retail campaigns to life and watch sales accelerate with a little help from Plastic Products Mfg Retail Sign Holders! Think of them as Sales Assistants, helping engage customers who have already walked through your doors ready to shop and buy. Combine Plastic Products Mfg Sign Holders with your latest promotions, graphics, and flyers, and you will increase upsell opportunities at the point-of-purchase!

Acrylic Sign Holders are in-stock and available now in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate practically any advertisement. Our Retail Sign Holders and Hand Made retail Sign Bases come in several standard widths and can also be made into almost any width you want. We can also customize sign holders and retail sign holder bases with your name or logo…another great way to make you stand out from your competitors and solidify name recognition. You can even customize POP displays to coordinate a certain message with more ongoing promotions!

Quality Plastic Products Mfg retail sign holders and acrylic sign holder bases add value in many ways:

  • They support the visual impact you need to increase awareness and sales
  • Strong acrylic construction
  • Very affordable, especially in volume quantity orders
  • Customizable
  • Reliably sturdy to keep promos standing
  • Visually appealing to complement working signage
  • Available in several width and length options

Our Hand Made Retail Sign Holders are generally 4” to 8-1/2” long and ideal for custom printing messages on their sloped bases. They also cost less than you might imagine for a product that’s truly “handmade!” Extruded Sign Holders range from 2” to a whopping 18” and will help make sure customers are in full view of your most targeted promotions. Put your advertising in the spotlight…not out-of-sight!

All Plastic Products Mfg Retail Sign Holders are made with the best acrylic quality you’ll find in the industry. Before completing your order, be sure to check into quantity pricing and save on shipping.

Go ahead and grab a cart or add to the one you have now. Retail Sign Holders are a must for any successful POP and in-store campaigns!

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