The Top 5 Benefits of Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

The Top 5 Benefits of Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

In less than one year, we have seen our world change entirely. That goes for the work world, which has had to adapt to COVID-19 protocols for health and safety…and to stay operational. 

Of course, we’re now accustomed to many of these practices, namely social distancing and wearing masks. Business owners and managers have also been tasked with acquisition of personal protective equipment (PPE) along with essentials like gloves and hand sanitizers.

Other essentials for the new workplace also include Plexiglass Sneeze Guards. These protective barriers manufactured with premium thickness acrylic are now standard for many outfits and demand is on the rise significantly!   

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets spread when talking, coughing, sneezing, and just breathing in general. CDC guidelines instituted the six-foot rule as a basic measure, but the footprint for many indoor congregate settings requires more stringent defensive measures. This is where the Plexiglass Sneeze Guard is an effective blocker of direct airborne particles.

Why choose our protective acrylic barriers like the Cubicle Sneeze Guard and Freestanding Sneeze Guard? There are several great reasons and here are five distinct advantages.

*Transparency. Personal interactions from a safe distance can still be clearly achieved with a protective acrylic barrier to stop airborne droplets.   

*Easy to Clean, Minimizes Surface Contamination. Keeping Plexiglass Sneeze Guards clean, disinfected, and sanitized is incredibly easy. This is especially important as transmission of COVID-19 can also occur with surface contact.

*Helps Create a Healthy Distance. Floor markers and signage displays are frequent reminders for patrons to keep their distance. Protective acrylic barriersalso help create a safer distance in public settings. Cubicle Sneeze Guards are in higher demand for campus and administrative areas, too.

*Flexibility in Usage. Changes in floor layout and interior modifications are easily adaptable with Freestanding Sneeze Guards. Sturdy yet lightweight and flexible enough to relocate, wherever needed.

*Reducing COVID-19 Exposure. Plexiglass Sneeze Guards deliver a much-needed barrier in personal space. And they are CDC recommended!

Show your customers, employees, and foot traffic you care about their safety. An added line of acrylic defense can only bolster your overall attack against COVID-19!