The Endurance of Print Ads and their Essential Display Holders

The Endurance of Print Ads and their Essential Display Holders

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Find yourself occasionally numb from the daily deluge of digital ads? Many advertisers bank on the idea that their name will stand out in a saturated cyberspace. A more effective approach, however, keeps chugging along in tried-and-true print form. Brochures and promotional literature still reach an audience directly…and in more streamlined fashion.  

It’s not just promotional advertising, either. College campuses emerging from the pandemic are recruiting more competitively. Retailers making up for lost time are also busy disseminating more news in print form. But whether brochure copy and flyers are geared to sell or inform, the right display is needed to capture attention. Enter Acrylic Brochure Holders and Countertop Brochure Holders.

A MarketingSherpa survey of 1,200 Americans prior to the pandemic determined that consumers trust print ads more than any other type of advertisement. Not just more than digital ads, but TV and radio as well. MarketingSherpa further points out that people also recall print ads better than their digital counterparts. That’s partly due to the actual physical interaction with the content.

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6 Pocket Acrylic Brochure Holder

Media Space Solutions also pointed to the “lasting impression” traditional print ads make because “digital content is scanned quickly while paper-based reading is slower and more deliberate.”  

Newsworks (UK) also released more recent findings on the subject in September 2021. Using IPA TouchPoints Data, studies found print readers “to be the most engaged and attentive” with print effectiveness actually growing over time. In other words, ad campaigns stay more viable in print than they do online.

Taking these findings into consideration, the best results in your own print campaigns tie directly to how well they’re noticed. As more personal shopping picks up through the pandemic, consumers are already focusing on new signage and eager eyes will no doubt fall on attractive clear Acrylic Brochure Holders. Premium thickness acrylic makes for a durable display that also invites customer interaction.

Many re-emerging operations have also modified floor plans, especially where capacity issues are concerned. More available counter space provides more opportunities to strategically locate Countertop Brochure Holders.  So if it’s time to elevate print advertising, just let us know how many Brochure Holders you need to get them noticed!