Sign Holders say it all: Full Green Ahead!

Sign Holders say it all: Full Green Ahead!

     Like telling stories?  Not tall tales about the fish that got away, or ghost stories to scare the daylights out of your kids around a campfire.  Instead, it’s the story about your business and all you have to offer.  And best of all, you don’t even have to be a great story teller.  With the right Sign Holderon prominent display, it’s your brochures, pamphlets, and advertising that do all the talking.  For travel agencies and realtors, a glistening view of paradise or a stunning piece of property can lead your customers to ask how the story goes…and how to make that story a tale of their own.  Retailers offering items from golf clubs, furniture to gas grills, new cars and holiday specials.  Every picture tells a story.

     Creating brand awareness is part of the equation and is a common goal for both retail chains and independent store owners.  The first challenge is driving business to your store in the first place.  But once you’ve succeeded there, what awaits them when they walk through the door?  Forward thinking cross promotion can include in-store advertising through audio and video, thanks to technology.  According to E-Science News, 70% of shoppers make buying decisions while shopping, as opposed to pre-determined purchases before the shopping venture even begins.  While companies like Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and Best Buy have installed video monitors and in-store “radio,” it’s equally important to have Sign Display Holders getting the word out.  Not only does this reinforce brand awareness, it also encourages shoppers to take advantage of your strongest promotions.  Paraphrasing University of Illinois business professor Yunchuan Liu, in-store advertising provides a persuasive plan when encouraging shoppers in a cash-strapped economy…beyond blanket manufacturer promotions. 

     Now back to the story telling.  What’s the best way to ensure customers see your top promotions?  If overhead radio and video monitors aren’t in the advertising budget and even if they are acrylic display holders can really make a significant difference.  Crystal clear view ability with strategically placed brochure holders and POP display holders give customers immediate incentive to either buy or at least inquire.  Why not help give impulse buyers the info or incentive they need to make informed decisions?

    Speaking of versatile, a top loading acrylic display stand with a brochure holder accounts for increased exposure and sales all by itself.  An amazing looking sign that fits perfectly in a display 14” wide by 11” high, 11” x 8-1/2,” or 8-1/2” x 11” can be used for feature spotlights, and with a brochure holder incorporated into the display, customers are automatically encouraged to grab info “to go”…giving this display dual functionality and planting that seed right where you want it to grow.  Remember that line in Field of Dreams…if you build it, they will come?  Well, if you show it, they will grab…and act!  If you don’t show your stuff with an effective countertop or wall display, they’ll never know, nor will you get to reap the benefits.  Not good in today’s economy. 

     Cross-promotion adds value in professional settings, too…like those agencies we mentioned earlier.  In fact, acrylic displays take on even more importance since these settings are not as likely to be telling their stories via digital media.  Want to plant a seed for that trip to Bermuda?  Maybe a contest to win a new car or an I-pad?  An acrylic display stand with a card holder will draw visitors and boost a competitive side of those wanting to improve their chances!  

     An acrylic sign holder with a business card holderalso gives life to your story and makes promotions pop.  This display is slanted for easy reading from table or countertops.  Sometimes, the impulse is not alwaysto buy immediately but providing business cards can lead to a bright future!

   Buyers like choices, and you can be sure that they’re doing their research.  It’s also easy to offer multiple options with something like a wall mount sign holder WITH brochure holders, providing six different pockets 4” wide to put a number of promotions front and center with an added sign holder smack dab in the middle.  Hang it in a prime wall position and let this eye catching display holder earn its keep!  The versatility alone makes it a worthwhile investment.   

     Sign holders with brochure holders also draw attention in all the right ways.  Better yet, this particular style does double duty, showcasing promotional material from either side.  With its convenient brochure holder attached to the front, there’s a magnetic pull.  Not in the display itself but to prospects and customers.  This one should be a definite consideration for double sided promotions.

    With the right acrylic display, your own story can become legendary.  And how does the story end?  Well, it doesn’t need one.  Just make sure everyone’s paying attention…with all eyes on your newest chapter.       

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