Find Your Way with Multi-Tier “Wayfinding” Signage and Name Plate Holders for Navigation

Find Your Way with Multi-Tier “Wayfinding” Signage and Name Plate Holders for Navigation

Don’t be alarmed if you’re not familiar with the term “Wayfinding.” You might not even find it in many dictionaries, although the Oxford English Dictionary did add Wayfinding to its word bank in 2015, defining it as “the act of finding one’s way to a particular place; navigation.” Simple, right?

In a more modern context, The Society for Experiential Graphic Design says that Wayfinding also refers to “information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space.”

In other words, this relatively new term encompasses both traditional signage and how it is used for directional guidance…like where to Enter and Exit…and more high-tech navigational technology and global positioning.

It’s in architecture, however, where the word Wayfinding is more commonly heard. Think of it in terms of orientation within the building via several methods…signage and graphic communication, of course…and visual clues through tactile elements and audible communication. Different ways of communicating to multiple sensory receptors are what revolutionized signage for special needs users.

Landscape and lighting also play a role in another aim of Wayfinding. As part of site and building design, lighting and landscaping can help support “intuitive navigation” where the path literally guides foot traffic even without the written word.

Inside, that can be easier said than done. Directional guidance can use an assist from our Multi-Tier “Wayfinding” Signage Displays and People Spotter Name Plate Holders. New options are especially effective in Combination Suite Identification Name Plate Holders that help passing foot traffic find its way.

Acrylic Name Plate Holders deliver superior clarity, especially on walls and cubicle partitions. Distinctive colored border options also capture attention while Multi-Tier Signage draws the eye to important “wayfinding” interior navigation, directional guidance, and suite identification.

In Wayfinding, signage can be broken down into four categories: Directional, Informational, Identity, and Regulatory. Conveying this essential information clearly is a big responsibility with a simple solution: Multi-Tier Name Plate Holdersand Signage Displays, available now at Plastic Products Mfg.