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These black standoffs are made of high-quality, weather-resistant stainless steel that ensures durability and prevents rust or corrosion. Users can rely on them for long-lasting and dependable usage in various environments, both indoors and outdoors. They are also effortless to install. Drill a hole in the mounting surface and screw the standoff into place, allowing the sign or display to be mounted quickly and easily without needing specialized tools or equipment.

Through-grip round, stainless steel standoffs, make them ideal for mounting signs or displays. They are compact yet sturdy and can securely hold up thick or heavy substrates such as acrylic, aluminum, wood, or glass.

Black Standoff (Model A-Type : Hollow)

**Screw - .466" Diameter (11.83mm) x .568" Long Thread (14.42mm) - .302" Diameter Thread (7.67mm)
**Post - .4725" Diameter OD (12mm) x .807" Long (20.5mm) - .276" Diameter Front ID (7mm) - .197" Diameter Back ID (5mm)

  • Screws and anchors included
  • Price is per ea.
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