Cubicle Sneeze Guards & Shields

Cubicle Sneeze Guards are essential for preventing the spread of illness among employees. Adhering to current standards in physical spacing is crucial for keeping your staff healthy. In addition to hand sanitizer stations and PPE, strategically positioned protective shields will enhance customer and employee confidence by providing physical distancing during daily interactions.


Helping lead the fight for healthier, more sanitary indoor environments come several dynamic new designs in Splash Shields and Custom Sneeze Guards. An Acrylic Sneeze Guard delivers added protection in a premium thickness material that is both tough and transparent. And in addition to Acrylic, a Plexiglass Sneeze Guard shield option is also available.

Acrylic Cubicle Sneeze Guards - 36" x 24" x 2"

Acrylic Cubicle Sneeze Guards - 36" x 24" x 2"

Clean, Sanitary Surface Maintenance

Splash Shields and Sneeze Guards help prevent the spread of illness and keeping surfaces clean and sanitary makes acrylic and plexiglass a real bonus. Spraying and wiping barriers frequently can minimize the spread of viruses. Warm water and a mild soap can also be applied for shift-ready cleanliness.  

You can’t be too careful when it comes to safety protocols. An easy-to-clean Sneeze Shield or Acrylic Sneeze Guard strategically located reduces the pathway of potentially dangerous airborne contaminants.

Taking Inventory of Supplies

Providing the right guidance and communicating effectively is another challenge in pandemic and post-pandemic times as schools, businesses, and offices adjust. In addition to Custom Sneeze Guards and Protective Shields, the clean, clear aspects of Acrylic Sign Holders and Nameplates can be used to reinforce social distancing, PPE distribution, and directional guidance for foot traffic.  

Contact-Free Set-Up

A Customer Relations Specialist will be glad to work with you from a safe distance to determine the right plastic sneeze guard protective shield options for your campus, medical facility, office, or retail operation. From Custom Sneeze Guards for a unique application to a desktop Counter Sneeze Guard. Or a Cubicle Sneeze Guard, ready to slide in place straight out of the box.

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