Cubicle Sign Frames

Every office needs Cubicle Sign Frames to communicate staff members names and titles. Great looking and affordable, our frames can be branded in your colors with your logo to achieve any communication goal you need to accomplish.  

We offer a wide range of Cubicle Sign Holders perfect to spotlight anything you need. You can elevate your message with a top-view Cubicle Sign Holder. They grab attention from both sides. Our Cubicle Sign Holders Holders hang snugly at eye level.  

Cubicle Sign Frames easily identify employees’ names and titles. The Acrylic Sign fits on the cubicle wall holding your literature securely in place. They are ready to install straight out of the box with no tools required.

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What are the benefits?

  • Multiple styles & sizes available, we can accommodate any type of custom sign holder requirement.
  • Super tough acrylic is built to last and hard to break.
  • Customizable, creating a visual association with your name or logo.
  • Available in a large number of sizes to accommodate most any size print material.
  • Easy to reload for rapidly changing messages and announcements.
  • Volume pricing available for added savings.
Cubicle Sign Holder with Border

Cubicle Sign Holder with Border

Improve Communication, Branding & Your Office Design

Innovative design and a little creative imagination never looked better than they do in the latest generation of Plastic Products Mfg. Cubicle Sign Holders. These new styles deliver impact in both view ability and usability, not to mention a solid investment in tough, premium thickness acrylic that’s easy to re-use and really takes a knock!

Versatility is also a huge benefit with select new styles geared to showcase different types of inserts, literature, messages, and signage. For example, you can elevate your message with a top-view Cubicle Sign Holder, grabbing double sided attention perched on top of cubicle walls to announce promotional events and reminders. Need to identify, people, titles, sections, products, or other vital information for your organization? Take a closer look at Cubicle Sign Frames.

Plastic Products Mfg.’s next generation Acrylic Sign Frames cover these applications and many more to better meet your needs with a variety of dimensions and custom sizes. That’s especially good news when you need to accommodate inserts, literature, signage, and/or special announcements beyond typical standard sizes...then really put them in the spotlight.

Elevated Cubicle Sign Holders are a perfect example. Designed for display over cubicle walls, your printed materials and graphics literally stand above the crowd!

This Double-Sided Cubicle Sign Holder delivers excellent viewability from both sides, essentially doubling your value and exposure. A secure base fits easily atop the cubicle wall, making Style CSHH Cubicle Sign Holders easily interchangeable.

If you prefer a lower hanging display with single-sided requirements, the office cubicle sign holder you need just might be Style CSHL. This type of Cubicle Sign Holder dips down to sit flush against the cubicle wall. It’s the ideal clear acrylic stage for your signage with stunningly high acuity attributes and nearly indestructible toughness. Need to change signage or move displays altogether? Cubicle Sign Frames make it easy!

Cubicle Sign Frame Nameplate Holder

Cubicle Sign Frame Nameplate Holder

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