Applicator Cap/Needle Assembled with Round Bottle

These Applicator Cap/Needle Assembled with a Round Bottle hold the glue that helps keep your acrylic displays in the spotlight. The Applicator Bottles help ensure your Brochure and Literature Holders are ready to be displayed. You can design and put together your own Brochure, Sign and Pocket Holder Attachments with just the right Applicator Bottle. They are easy to use and give you the precise application for your next project or display.

Precise applications are essential for the detail-oriented techs and our acrylic manufacturing processes at Plastic Products Mfg.  We know that high quality applicators are essential in a number of other professional fabrications. Be sure to look at our whole array of Applicator Squeeze Bottles and Stainless Steel Needles. 

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Needle-tip applicator bottles are used in…

  • Automotive shops & high-tech firms
  • Beauty shops and hobby shops
  • Home Craft stores 

Plus, large retailers use our Round and Oval Oiler/Applicator Bottles, as well as Unlined and Snap-on Caps – minus the needles. 

Applicator Squeeze Bottles and Stainless Steel Needles

For applications in even the tightest spots, we recommend our needle-tip applicator bottles, available in a 1-1/4-ounce Oval Bottle or 2-ounce Boston Round Bottle.  Color coded hubs help make identification easier in busy fabrication facilities, and these combos deliver the entire package.  They’re especially ideal for solvents, water thin liquids, heavy weight grease, and a wide variety of cement weights.  Be sure to note the bottle shape codes when loading your cart.

Have the bottles but just need new Stainless Steel Needles with Caps?  No problem…we carry 23- and 25-gauge needles from 1 to 1-1/2 inches to help with accurate placement of thin liquids and solvents.  Note the modest pricing on these 3 options, too.  

Sometimes you just need the needles themselves, especially those gauges where materials tend to clog.  Check into our Stainless Steel Needles, from 14 to 27 gauge.  You’ll see a wide range of needles in between, and all come with blunt safety tips and protective sleeves.  

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