Wood Magazine Holders and Brochure Holders vs Acrylic: The winner is…YOU

Wood Magazine Holders and Brochure Holders vs Acrylic: The winner is…YOU

You know, what you’re about to read here just might surprise some of our most long-time customers.  After all, for more than three decades, we’ve worked diligently to perfect the craft of acrylic manufacturing.  Internally and for our valued clientele, the sturdy, functional, and aesthetically appealing aspects of acrylic deliver like clockwork.

That said, we’ve come to realize that there are other styles and material preferences that deserve to share the stage and can do so without detracting from either’s finest attributes.  What we’re talking about is Wood…specifically, some outstanding new features in our increasingly diverse lineup: Wood Magazine Holders and Brochure Holders in beautiful Oak!

Not to diminish or dismiss the hard work we’ve put into plastics over the years.  We firmly stand by acrylic brochure holders, literature displays, table tents, and a myriad of other products.  However, there are many instances where the warmth and appeal of Wooden Magazine Holders and Wood Counter Top Brochure Holderssimply make a better choice.  So we thought: why not give our customers more choices and a better array of options?  There’s no denying the rich appeal of Oak, and that’s what we’ve captured – especially in Wood Rotating Magazine Racks.

We mention these spinning displays simply because of their stunning, eye-catching designs.  Yes, we must admit that there’s no look quite like these wooden displays…not even acrylic, we humbly admit.  Wood Spinning Magazine Displaysand Floor Displays make beautiful centerpiece attractions in a variety of settings, from retail operations to trade shows.  Unique shapes exemplify some truly fine craftwork in a choice of Light Oak, Medium Oak, and Mahogany.  Each style represents its own distinct look and personality, giving customers options to best reflect their own surroundings.  Seeing is believing…we advise taking a look.

As we’ve continued our exploration and grown our forest of inventory, we discovered some other attractive Wooden Counter Top Magazine Racks in a versatile array of functional styles.  One geared specifically as an Oak Counter Top Literature Display is slightly slanted at an attractive angle with a protective laminate shield and a small, unobtrusive business card holder.  2-Pocket Magazine Displays and Oak Newspaper Holders put the covers at the forefront, not buried away as you may have seen in other designs.  A sturdy, straight-standing Oak Counter top Magazine Display not only shows off the latest publications, but protects them, too.

Considering an upgrade of wall space at one or more facilities?  Oak Wall Displays can do wonders for the décor.  With nearly two dozen different models and pocket configurations to choose from, Wooden Wall Mount Magazine Racks attract attention in the very best way.  From one pocket to 20, there are a number of dimensions to accommodate multiple needs…a vertical Wall Pocket Display, for example, stands 48 inches high.  Our Oak 9 Magazine Wall Display stands about a foot shorter but is 30 inches wide, showing today’s favorite publications in “3 by 3” fashion.

Wood Wall Mount Brochure Racks also exhibit your own internal literature as well as magazines, lending themselves well to a myriad of applications.  They’re tough as nails but you won’t need nails and a hammer to wreck the walls…we’ve designed them for easy mounting with hardware included.  Patrons get to enjoy easy access and the aesthetic addition to rooms will be a welcome sight, to be sure.

So what’s better: Wood or Acrylic?  The answer is…neither!  While we stand by our years of experience in Acrylic work, the addition of outstanding Wood products to our arsenal only ENHANCES the choices we’re able to bring to our customers.  Wood Magazine Holders and Brochure Holders represent a new world of options and you can rest assured that the durability, eye appeal, and craft work that’s gone into each one has been given the same loving touch as all our products.  Have a look…you’ll like what you see!  All are in stock and ready to ship.  Who knows?  There may be some fine Oak in your near future!