With Acrylic Sign Holders, Lucky St. Patrick's Day Promotions Go Greener!

With Acrylic Sign Holders, Lucky St. Patrick's Day Promotions Go Greener!

For bars and restaurants nationwide, St. Patrick's Day festivities offer significant financial possibilities. In the food and beverage industry, we can assist in reaching out to consumers and extending invitations to celebrate the holiday, which will increase sales and help meet marketing objectives. Restaurant sign holders and menu holders work well, and the new "elevated" style is also an option.

The National Restaurant Association suggests getting the celebrations started early in the day. There's always the "Sam-I-Am" take on green eggs and ham, maybe with pesto or spinach, to stick with the green theme. St. Patrick's Day specials and newly added menu items are highlighted with acrylic sign holders.

Promoting a scavenger hunt, promotion, raffle, or trivia competition? Content consumers adore possibilities with added value in which taking part is enjoyable! Strategically positioned Sign Holders and visually striking Acrylic Menu Holders are the best ways to spread the news. Sturdy acrylic, which withstands harsh blows from foot activity, is ideal for showcasing promotional information and graphics.

Naturally, on St. Patrick's Day, specialty drinks and green beer are in high demand. Acrylic menu holders and restaurant sign holders make creative drinks like grasshoppers and appletinis as well as liqueurs like crème de menthe and chartreuse stand out more. Even promotions can be improved by using multi-sided sign holders. Customers may be reached from numerous angles via 3- and 4-sided panels, which also stand on their own "feet" to keep dry! This style of restaurant menu holder is very lovely, reasonably priced, and effectively showcases branding.

Seeking a subtle marketing strategy that highlights the green theme? For teatime, a special salad, and vegetarian promotions, acrylic menu holders and restaurant sign holders are equally useful—green tea, please!