What's Trending for California Restaurant Month 2024

What's Trending for California Restaurant Month 2024

2024 kicks off in tasty fashion in the state of California. January is California Restaurant Month, an annual celebration of the state’s diverse heritage in cuisine and those who provide it. For California residents and visitors alike, this is a delicious start to the new year and restaurants statewide are super excited to serve their finest.

California’s reputation for outstanding food is partly a reflection of the state’s unique access to farm-fresh produce and a bounty of seafood. From food trucks to 5-star restaurants, you can be certain of freshness across the board in a large array of ethnic cuisines.

Showing those dishes at their best plays a role in what’s trending for 2024. Multi-Sided Acrylic Sign Holders and Menu Holders are leading the way. Specially crafted seasonal dishes and drinks really catch the eyes of hungry, thirsty customers. And food establishments reach more eyes on both sides of the table with Double-Sided Acrylic Sign Holders. Multi-Sided Sign Frames also accentuate cross-promotions and help servers build each check. That’s ideal for signature food and/or drink promotions during January’s festivities.   

Many food festivals and special events are also trending for California Restaurant Month. The festival of Food and Wine celebrates fine vintages and gourmet cuisine. Another event is the Street Food Fair, showing off the creativity of food trucks and local vendors (don’t miss the fusion dishes). Farm-to-Table Week is another can’t-miss event, putting a spotlight on sustainable, locally sourced produce.

What else is on the trend list for California Restaurant Month? The search for many includes that SoCal favorite, Fish Tacos. New takes on the breakfast staple Avocado Toast are exploring the additions of feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. And that classic San Francisco treat Cioppino is also in demand, a traditional seafood stew that’s famous in the Bay Area. Bon Appetit!