Using Acrylic Displays in Libraries to Spread the Word on Reading – and MORE!

Using Acrylic Displays in Libraries to Spread the Word on Reading – and MORE!

Many libraries across the country have been undergoing a transformation lately. 

Massive collections of books in their quiet cathedrals started gathering more dust as the digital age expanded. Today’s newer-look libraries have incorporated a more multi-media approach to the printed word. And the lending of items like seeds and tools has also become more commonplace in the modern American library.

It’s no wonder that a shift in internal library signage is also in order. Pointing the way to the newest updates requires a display that catches the eye and engages passing foot traffic. Acrylic Wall Frames and Literature Holders are a great place to start.

Promoting a book club, children’s reading event, or special appearance? Spread the word effectively with an Acrylic Wall Frame, positioned perfectly at the end of bookshelves and in common lobby/checkout areas. 

Acrylic Sign Frame w/Pocket

And while at the checkout counter, another placement opportunity opens for Literature Holders and Acrylic Sign Holders with pocket attachments. Both offer dynamic showcases for attention-grabbing literature, signage, graphics, and cross-promotions. Pocket attachments on the Sign Holders also serve double duty, disseminating cards, brochures, and grab-n-go event info.  

National Library Week wrapped up recently with a reminder that the institution is stronger than ever. According to Mental Floss, there are 116,867 public and academic libraries nationwide. The first lending library opened in Philadelphia in 1731, thanks to Benjamin Franklin. “The Library Company,” as it was called, required a subscription costing 40 shillings. 

Another key period of growth? Industrialist Andrew Carnegie personally donated $55 million between 1886 and 1919 to open more libraries – more than 2,500 worldwide, including 1,679 in the United States. That figure, by the way, would be worth an estimated $1.6 billion today!

The next chapter in the history of evolving libraries is still being written. For now and in the immediate future, just look to Acrylic Wall Frames, Literature Holders, and Acrylic Sign Holders to see what’s new!