Unveiling NEW Acrylic Wall Frames with Eye-Catching Borders

Unveiling NEW Acrylic Wall Frames with Eye-Catching Borders


Chances are, you’ve seen quite a few changes in your immediate workspace as well as physical modifications elsewhere…at your kids’ school, the gym, and your favorite stores. Added spacing and altering the flow of foot traffic has created new interior pathways. And adjusting to it requires a little helpful guidance…and signage that stands out.

Enter two new styles in stunning Acrylic Wall Frames. If you have an important announcement to make, a safety message needing prominent display, or COVID-related instructions to convey, get them all noticed better in NEW Acrylic Wall Frames with Black Borders and Acrylic Wall Frames with Silver Borders.


Ideal for displaying certificates as well as informational posters and advertising flyers, these dynamic Wall-Mount Sign Holders easily accommodate inserts in the most popular size, 8-1/2” x 11”. Custom sizes are also available by request, and all are easy to mount at eye level.

What really grabs attention are the distinctive new colored borders providing contrast. The Black Border Acrylic Wall Frame and Silver Border Acrylic Wall Frame deliver a stylish accent to existing décor. The clear acrylic is both durable and good looking, with borders making inserts stand out more visibly.

Photos also get an appealing spotlight. To give pictures a little extra pop, try showing them in an Acrylic Photo Frame. It’s an eye-catching way to enhance aesthetic appearance, gallery style.

Medical offices, university campuses, libraries, commercial centers…where there’s a flat wall surface and passing foot traffic, there’s a strategic opportunity to place an Acrylic Wall Frame. And to help make wall mounting faster and simpler upon delivery, double-sided 3M mounting tape is included with every order. Just pick a spot and you’re all set. Inserts also slide into place easily, clear and easy to absorb in a brilliant Acrylic Wall Frame. Demand is high so ordering sooner than later is recommended strongly!