Trendy New Cubicles, Name Plate Holders, and Hip Open Plan Offices

Trendy New Cubicles, Name Plate Holders, and Hip Open Plan Offices

The olden days of cubicle office layouts are giving way to exciting new interior office designs, elevating the ubiquitous cubicle into a dynamic personal workspace that also stands out aesthetically. A Fast Company article by Mark Wilson published earlier this year illustrates the next generation of cubicles…and the companies competing in cubicle reinvention.

This fight for the best new cubicle design has one common goal: transforming open air dividers into a different kind of space with fully self-contained rooms. The Cubicle of yesterday is the Pod, Micro-Office, Phone Booth, and Cubicle Nouveau of the future.

Wilson refers to a statistic from the International Facilities Management Association stating that as many as 70% of U.S. offices are “open plan.” Many are migrating from suburban parks back to more urban settings, often with less square footage requiring an imaginative new approach to space utilization.

Rather than repeating mistakes of the past (i.e., cramming too many people together in the hope for collaboration), the new cubicle is vastly different from mere partition dividers. Soundproof paneling, ventilation, and power sources for laptops and USB devices are featured in newer designs. Some cubicles have four walls, a roof, and total privacy, complete with a full-panel window!

Don’t let the “Phone Booth” designation throw you, either.  These prefabricated, self-contained rooms can actually fit two to four people. Cubicall CEO Anthony Maraccini calls his company’s design “…a personal space that meets the four pillars of privacy: sound, visual, territorial, and informational.”

Other players in the new cubicle race? Zenbooth is the first to include an electrically adjusted desk and flat-pack shipping, ala IKEA. TalkBox boasts the largest interior, including the vertical footprint. Room offers the lowest price, $3,450 and free shipping.


The ideal complement to any new workspace design is the right Name Plate Holderfor identification. People Spotter Name Plate Holders are geared perfectly for new-look offices with bold colored borders. They catch the eye and are so easy to install, they can easily accommodate staff “on the go” as inner-office modular use becomes more mobile.

No matter how you use Cubicle Name Plate Holders, remember that heavy gauge perforated card stock is included free on select orders so you can print your own inserts. Just talk to Plastic Products Mfg for more interior inspiration!