Plastic Products MFG. Tips to De-Clutter Your Office Space for National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Tips to De-Clutter Your Office Space for National Clean Off Your Desk Day – Including Acrylic Nameplate Holders!

January is a traditional time for a fresh start, with or without personal resolutions. And January 10th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, a great reason to clear the clutter from your desktop and give your workspace a clean, fresh start for 2022!

The origins of National Clean Off Your Desk Day are themselves a bit murky. Even the first commemoration has managed to escape historical record, though it’s believed to have connection with New Year’s resolutions. Regardless, Clean Off Your Desk Day signifies a perfect time to get organized for new challenges ahead! 

Just the act of de-cluttering has mental and physical benefits. It can re-energize and sharpen your focus. Cleaning surfaces makes your immediate environment healthier and productivity higher without a distracting mess in the way.

Once chaos is cleared, papers are filed, and extraneous stuff has been stored in its proper place, then it’s time to give your space some added personality and style with a touch of class and professionalism. Enter the Acrylic Nameplate Holder!

Cubicle Brochure Holder
From countertops to cubicles, Acrylic Desk Nameplate Holders and Cubicle Brochure Holders deliver attractive options for office upgrades…simple, affordable alternatives that are also eye-catching and dynamic!

Premium thickness Acrylic Desk Nameplate Holders offer a clean look with distinctive borders. Add some color and your name/title inserts will really stand out! 

Partition walls in a cubicle layout also present a fine opportunity to de-clutter the work area. Cubicle Brochure Holders are sturdy, clear, and visible for passing foot traffic. They are easy to install (no tools required), and multiple dimensions are available to accommodate informative and/or promotional literature taking up space on your desktop.

So, give your workspace a little TLC January 10th. You’ll feel a mental boost, breathe easier, and realize a sense of organization to carry you through hurdles ahead. And an Acrylic Nameplate Holder is the ideal addition…in function and decor!