Tips for Upgrading Your Home Office

Tips for Upgrading Your Home Office

While Americans buckle-up and adjust to the new Coronavirus normal, working from home is gaining traction. For some, it’s a dream come true. For others, it’s a scenario never imagined. If you’re accustomed to the routine of going to the workplace, such a dynamic sudden shift can be a shock to the system. It’s worse for those who doubt their self-discipline outside the structured work environment and those not fully equipped. For the latter, we offer a few suggestions to help lend that badly needed structure for your remote command center.

Start with the basics, like the right chair and desk. Standing tables are in high demand and you can likely get one delivered, with patience extended for shipping during these trying times. An ergonomic chair can also be your new best friend in the 9-to-5.

Next, lighting. This can be tricky if workrooms lack natural light or, conversely, create too much glare. Once balanced, using a soft desk lamp helps keep your eyes refreshed, even after a long day staring at screens.

Using a home computer that’s mostly idle otherwise? The right keyboard also makes a big difference in wrist and hand strain at the end of a long workday. Consider an ergonomic upgrade and avoid the pain!

Need an assistant? Alexa’s never been more popular, fielding questions, setting appointments, and making to-do lists. A virtual assistant can help sort out the clutter of details.


Still, there’s a segment of remote workers who still face anxiety from their new solitary stations, regardless of gadgetry. And there will always be those who succumb to the call of the couch all too easily. That’s where another addition can help in the motivation department.

An Acrylic Desk Name Plate Holder serves a valuable purpose in this regard. Adding inserts with positive quotes and motivational words in Desk Name Plate Holders can deliver just the right message for stressful times, making the home office a little brighter as we look forward to better days ahead!