Tilt Bins and their Straight-Up Approach to Storage, Organization, and Inventory Management

Tilt Bins and their Straight-Up Approach to Storage, Organization, and Inventory Management

Organization can get personal in a hurry.  Those who have trouble organizing their work areas in particular can be rather sensitive, especially if others need help locating something within the chaos.  Those who work in machine shops and warehouse environments may be grinning as they read this, thinking of that one person whose own eclectic system of organizing drives everyone else nuts.  Then there are those in hospitals who know that systematic organization is crucial in providing proper health care.  In the hospitality industry, personal security, confidential customer information, and even private property can be at stake without the right organizational tools…like Tilt Bins.

Five different “slot” configurations in cabinets that can either be stacked or mounted to walls, Tilt Bins provide an extremely durable and effective solution for storage and access.  Categorizing parts and supplies?  Tracking inventory?  Trying to locate certain medical supplies quickly?  Tilt Bins do the job.  They also make it easier to apply labels according to the most identifiable company codes.  JIT or “Just In Time” parts can be a sub-category of your EOQ section… or “Economic Order Quantity” for items determined to be the most economic by quantity orders.  Designating Tilt Bins with Part Numbers and SKU Codes can also make inventory management significantly easier, not to mention ordering, fulfillment, shipping, and receiving.  Put it all together, and these areas directly translate to profit margins and efficiency.

Storeroom abbreviations aside, Tilt Bins are one of many ways to maximize storage areas and track assets.  There are even specialists in facility and inventory storage management.  Just ask Frank Murphy, Founder and President of Inventory Management Services of Greenville, South Carolina.  IMS has helped a number of major players from Fuji Film to Kraft to US Steel with warehouse and storage organization.  Murphy and IMS conceptualize the best uses for space, shelving, and organized warehousing, then put their form of interior design to practical use.  One of Frank’s rules evolved into his term WIIAWII…in which part descriptions all become What It Is And Where It Is – WIIAWII.  To us, there’s no better unit for WIIAWII than the trusty Tilt Bin.

Whether or not you contract a firm like IMS to organize storage, Tilt Bins can play a big role.  Clear acrylic tilt cups are easily viewed from the front of each bin’s white cabinet.  If you’d like to further manage large stocks with color coded Tilt Bins, Gray and Ivory colors are also available by special order.  Before you finalize your assessment of space, bear in mind that these cabinets are stackable AND wall-mountable.  With wall-mount cabinets, you can free floor space where needed and/or maximize the best use of storage in your total square footage.


The most popular is the 6 slot bin slots. Tilt Bins come with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 9 slots, and it’s easy to conceive how they can all be used conjointly in places where large inventories of part numbers can be daunting.  Those JIT’s and EOQ’s we talked about?  Imagine how much better organized, identified, and managed they can be with these slot alternatives.  The cabinets themselves are each 23-5/8” wide regardless of the number of slots, and range in height from 3-5/16” up to 9-1/2”.  In stacked use, the top and side lines and clean and sharp to keep them well supported as they rise…like the firm columns of storage they should be.

Tilt Bins relieve clutter and unprofessional appearance.  They reduce trouble associated with keeping part levels stocked right.  Tilt Bins keep tools, office supplies, and medical supplies well organized and accessible.  They help with stock management and proper maintenance of inventory levels.  And these are just a few uses.  From cleanliness to help with the bottom line, Tilt Bins are limited only by imagination.  So think BIG…good things are sure to tilt in your favor!