The Next Generation in Space Flight and Desk Nameplates with Business Card Holders

The Next Generation in Space Flight and Desk Nameplates with Business Card Holders

Is your operation set to blast off in 2017?  Be ready to showcase your personnel with Plastic Products Mfg’s latest in dynamic Desk Nameplates: Style AB2 with a Business Card Holder.  It’s a new take on a traditional display, designed for a modern flair in office environments and public/professional capacities.

This next generation in office accessories provides dual-functionality.  Style AB2 delivers with one side offering space for custom inserts or a business card, with a Business Card Holder on the other to invite interaction with customers and prospects.

Crystal clear acrylic catches the eye from desktops and countertops, giving your message and personalized name/title information a sharper, professional image.  Two metal standoffs complement and accentuate that look.  Custom sizing can also be geared to accommodate your print materials, and Style AB2 Nameplates and Business Card Holders are extremely user-friendly, right out of the box.

The new look is kind of reminiscent of another also taking place in California.  On a slightly larger scale, SpaceX successfully launched a rocket from Vandenberg AFB (and nailed the landing).  Once a fairly frequent occurrence with the Mercury, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs, soaring to space is again building interest and momentum.  Part of the mission in January involved the release of 10 communication satellites into low orbit…and you can be sure that SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has the next mission cuing up.

A little south of Vandenberg, Plastic Products Mfg is channeling that same spirit in bold acrylic.  If SpaceX is the new face of travel to the stars, the new face of desktop nameplates for 2017 office décor is Style AB2.  A Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialist can help you with dimensions and a quote.  Take your own stellar approach and get noticed in a whole new light.