The Coronavirus Effect on Office Spaces and the Vital Role of Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Partition Dividers

The Coronavirus Effect on Office Spaces and the Vital Role of Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Partition Dividers

How quickly the novel Coronavirus has changed the professional landscape. The reality has begun to sink in that office spaces and congregated workplaces of all types will need a transition. More space, distance between workers, protective partitions, and barriers…many are revising workspace layout right now as America readjusts to a COVID shrouded economy.

With health and safety awareness the primary concern, a resurgent demand for acrylic and plexiglass is showing from retail checkout lines to countertop interactions. As office centers and professional campuses make the adjustment, the clean, clear, sanitary attributes of acrylic help make that transition easier.

Yahoo Finance Reporter Sarah Paynter recently reported on these “structural changes to encourage social distancing in the office.” In particular, Ms. Paynter pointed to furniture supply orders for desks six feet in length, permanent wall dividers, cubicles, sneeze guards, and plastic sheeting. Thermal sensors are also seeing higher demand, not surprisingly.

It’s also no surprise that Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Acrylic Partition Dividers are gaining popularity. The tough, easy-to-clean surface delivers a protective sanitary barrier and visual appeal both clear and simple.

Also essential in new partition layouts? A shift in how important messaging is relayed. New signage has cropped up everywhere relating to safety procedures and health protocols, and names, titles, and departments need crystal-clear identification.

Premium thickness Acrylic Partition Name Plate Holders stand out especially effectively with glass wall office partitions. Double-sided Name Plate Holders are also available, displaying inserts on both sides. Bold border color options add some pop and command attention, drawing eyes directly.

The trend toward open-office floor plans is on a rapid decline. With a sharper focus on health and keeping staff safely distanced, floor plans are once again seeing partitions on the rise. But don’t confuse them with barriers. If Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that collaboration is always possible without breathing on each other!