Table Tents, Menu Displays, and how to Sharpen your Restaurant’s Edge

Table Tents, Menu Displays, and how to Sharpen your Restaurant’s Edge

    It’s no secret that a lot of folks have had to tighten their belts in recent years, at least where budgets are concerned.  But where money belts tighten, it’s also no secret that belts around our waists are actually getting looser…and in America, at least, much looser.  While many have made tough choices to cut back on luxury items, major purchases, and vacations, we still love to eat.  Of course, food is a necessity like clothing and shelter, but our passion for food almost seems like the one pleasure we can still indulge without having to sacrifice our life’s savings.  From Farmers Markets to the growing, passionate foodie craze, our collective interest in eating is at an all-time high…bucking so many other dwindling trends in the economy.   

     Just how much attention and money is being directed toward this flourishing industry? According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant-industry growth in employment has outpaced the national economy for 12 consecutive years, with 1.4 million added positions expected in the next decade.  On a typical day in 2012, restaurant sales add up to a whopping $1.7 BILLION dollars.  Again, that’s in ONE DAY!  Yet with some 970,000 establishments all vying for a piece of the pie (pardon the pun), competition is more intense than ever.

     Two key components to a successful food establishment: turnover and suggestive selling.  Getting diners in and out is one thing, but how much they order in a sitting?  This is where visual aids help…display holders, table tents, menu sign holders, and restaurant sign holders all contribute to the bottom line.  Sure, plate presentation is important, but it all starts with promotional displays and getting the order first.

   There are numerous acrylic display and easel options being put to use by today’s more successful food and beverage operations.  A prime example: Table Tent Sign Holders that accommodate menus and signs for double-sided viewing in some 18 different standard sizes with customization also available.  These clear Sign Holders load easily from either side and show your best with mouth-watering appeal!  Table Tent Leatherette styles also add a classy look to the table, providing the same double-sided viewing capability in a vinyl material that resembles genuine leather.  Both Table Tent styles are sure-fire sales boosters!    

     Looking for larger volume?  More eyes make for bigger orders…a big help to your wait staff and more revenue in the register!  Restaurant Sign Holders really deliver, especially at larger tables.  Why?  These four-sided plastic card holders speak for themselves, displaying your hottest specials on four different sides to maximize orders via one crystal clear display.  It’s a sign holder that also gets the table talk going among customers…and that doesn’t hurt the bottom line either.  Triple-Sided Vertical Sign Holders do the trick, too.  These innovative clear plastic Menu Sign Holders feature interior panels to display the promotional material you want conveyed to customers, with an added outer view that completes a totally professional image from all sides.  

     How about Plastic Sign Holders viewable from EIGHT sides?  This vertical top loader always gets noticed and the unique plus-shaped design lets you pick and choose how and what to promote at any given time of day or night.  It’s this type of edge that wins at closing time!  Lucite Sign Holders also impact marketing efforts in a similar way, using a vertical six-sided display.  When you consider the options, no doubt your customers will as well.  

  Elegant Acrylic Easels are also popular, giving a slightly different approach to countertop viewing.  With focus placed on a frontal view, this eye-catching display stand also gets a lot of looks beyond the food service industry.  Retail environments, promotional events, and trade shows frequently use this type of display easel to attract attention…and with excellent results.  It’s simple, functional, yet very attractive, whether found in your nicer bars, higher end restaurants, or anyplace with a significant volume of foot traffic.  

     Promotional displays are pivotal, especially in the food and beverage industry.  Remember, business is booming for those who play their cards right…just don’t forget that it’s more than the knives you need to keep sharp: it’s the menu holders, too! 


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