Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Office

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Office

The Coronavirus pandemic has Americans and the world focusing on airborne particles and those left on surfaces. The debate continues but as of mid-March, it’s estimated that the virus can live on surfaces for 48 to 72 hours. The focus on deep cleaning also coincides with the beginning of Spring on March 19th and, yes, the unofficial beginning of the traditional Spring Cleaning season.

How deeply one gets into scrubbing surfaces at work or home depends on personal preference and willingness. Where office cubicles are concerned, it all starts with clearing clutter and getting organized. And that’s our area of focus with a few tips we’ve accumulated.

Is there an idle project on your desk you’ve been leaving out as a “to do” reminder? Find a compartment and leave digital reminders for yourself to resume later or shelve it a little longer.

It’s also a time to find a home for loose papers, catalogs, and reference literature. Categorizing binders and hanging files with acrylic Cubicle Brochure Holders can all help in this regard. For paper material no longer relevant, shred and/or recycle. There’s likely a document (or many) at the bottom of any stack that was once pertinent and is no more.

Organizing drawers and clearing clutter can be strangely liberating. So can breaking habits, like collecting personal grooming objects and bills from home on your desk.


Pictures and knick-knacks help make the 9-to-5 more pleasurable and put an individualized touch on personal workspace. But Spring is the time to assess: is there too much? It could be time for a change. De-clutter cubicle walls…scrap obsolete memos, calendars, and last year’s birthday cards. Consolidate what DOES need keeping in easy-to-install Cubicle Brochure Holders, highly visible and well-protected in premium thickness acrylic. And if it’s time to upgrade name and title identification, complement office Spring Cleaning with a Colored Border Name Plate Holder…a perfect touch of much-needed brightness!