Sign Frames: Works of Art that really WORK!

Sign Frames: Works of Art that really WORK!

  Like any priceless work of art, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.But don’t underestimate the value of how that masterpiece is framed.Attention to detail is crucial, and overall presentation can make the difference between a crowd of onlookers and those who just walk by in oblivion.

    The same is true in the business world.  Just like the Art Museum, the goal is to draw the eyes of your visitors to your framed masterpieces…like signs, promotions, important notices, pictures, advertisements, and the biggest highlights of the day, week, or month.Luckily, some pretty stellar options are available in the world of acrylics that can turn a retail sale or banking promotion into the next Rembrandt!

   When a sign frame takes the form of a curvy beauty, heads always turn.  That’s what makes the sleek design of crystal clear sign frame holders such an obvious attraction…a convex curved vertical design on a very slightly tapered base that’s become a real draw in settings like hotel lobbies and furniture stores.This type of display gives a real touch of class in a very modern look. It’s something you want to look at automatically and the popular appeal goes hand-in-hand with its sleek appearance.Since these dazzling arched sign frames are available in 3-1/2” x 5”, 4” x 6”, and 5” x 7” sizes, the most frequently used placards and price displays are given top billing!

  A similar acrylic picture frame should also be mentioned here.Bowed sign framesdraw extraordinary attention with a concave curved design that’s almost an optical illusion!Geared specifically for material 8-1/2” x 11”, there’s no doubt the great masters of Art would have loved this clear plastic picture frame.  Its decorative posts add to the eye appeal and functionally serve to keep the sign holder stable, sturdy, and upright on tables and counter tops.This bowed sign frame is truly stunning and especially preferred in banks, credit unions, and retail spaces where focus needs to be drawn on something special and outstanding.A true stand out classic to be sure!And in addition to its clear edges, there’s a green edged version of this elegant display that will turn practically any material into an instant masterpiece.

   When considering acrylic sign holders in your showcase, there are other options in addition to bowed and arched sign frames.Table signs offer extremely clear acuity and versatility.In fact, their use isn’t confined just to table top placement.This particular style is available to mount easily to walls, just like all great works of art.We can include the mounting accessories…there’s really nothing to it and table signs can be shipped very easily and cost-effectively.Like the bowed sign frame, table sign posts serve as a counter top base.Plus, it’s a style that can be used both vertically and horizontally to accommodate a myriad of advertisements.The options for acrylic table signs are endless!

     The easel style print holder also comes in a wide range of sizes with carefully polished edges for maximized eye appeal.This particular tabletop easel sign loads from the top and is sealed on the sides and at the bottom.From its acrylic base, the slightly slanted display invites the eyes to your latest promotions and if you’d like it customized with standard pockets, we can make that happen for just a little more.  

    On display, every great work of art is beautifully framed.The aim is to help enhance and add to the appeal.Doesn’t that same principle apply at the point of purchase?When you stop to consider, there’s really only one conclusion…right?

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