Retailers Battling the Challenge of COVID-19 with Sign Holders

Retailers Battling the Challenge of COVID-19 with Sign Holders

For American retailers still able to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges never hurdled before are reshaping day-by-day business. Who would have imagined trying to provide essential products and services in a climate with no contact? How does one help customers effectively from a safe social distance?

Heading into the second half of April, rapidly evolving protocols and high demand for products have retailers scrambling for ways to relay information to customers while also keeping shelves stocked. Eager eyes are looking for signs and Sign Holders to guide them in place of personal contact.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and building suppliers and box stores that support local infrastructure have been busily reorganizing their floors to keep customers distanced and safe. Signage is helping resolve distancing issues, so foot traffic stays safely spaced apart.

Strategically placed Acrylic Wall-Mount Sign Holders and Countertop Sign Holders are finding diverse usage, displaying new types of literature and instruction nobody thought would be the store standard. Simple reminders about product limits, directions about start-and-stop points for social distancing in-store, designating stations for hand sanitizing…you’ve likely seen them yourself.

Acrylic Sign Holders have always been a smart choice in wayfinding and directional guidance signage. Today, these Sign Holders are also serving to relay signs of calmness. Messages that appeal to our humanity are appearing in premium thickness acrylic showcases. So are Sign Holders reminding us that the hand sanitizer is right next to the keypad you just touched?


Whether using Countertop Sign Holders for product availability pronouncements or Wall-Mount Sign Holders for important changes to foot traffic direction and in-store procedures, acrylic delivers another key characteristic in these times of Coronavirus. It’s a surface that’s as easy to clean and sanitize as it is to load literature and signage, from 4 x 6 to 8-1/2 x 11 and a multitude of other popular dimensions!