Retail Sign Holder Bases: Tips for Success this Holiday Season

Retail Sign Holder Bases: Tips for Success this Holiday Season

    For retailers, sales for the holidays can really help make or break the entire year.It’s time to break out all the tools of the trade, like top quality acrylic displays, sign holders, and sign bases. We’re sure you’re most likely on top of it already, but we also wanted to pass along some tips that could go nicely with your displays and boost those sales.
     Vera Gibbons of Yahoo Finance recently outlined some interesting ideas that might enhance your displays and make those sign holders real star attractions in the store.Here are just a few as they relate to visuals (we’ll skip the SCENT incentives – can’t see those in acrylic)…  

     ·      First, consider using Nostalgia – There’s something comforting about the advertising of yesteryear.With baby boomers being the target demographic now especially, classic photos of Santa, certain foods, toys, you name it…they take customers back to a simpler time and give them more of a sense of comfort and control.Nostalgiac toys seem to be especially popular now, too. 

    The use of certain colors can have a profound psychological effect on shoppers.Ironically, Christmas colors RED and GREEN really tend to open the purse strings.Red background displays have enhanced e-bay sales according to the Yahoo report, and that translates to a more effective use of sign holders as well.Even waitresses and waiters wearing red tend to get higher tips.Consider the red logos for companies and brands like Target, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Kohl’s, K-Mart, Canon, and Colgate: for whatever reason, RED triggers more spending. 
     ·      The color GREEN is, of course, the other color we most closely associate with the Christmas season.  Psychologically, buyers connect it with wealth and ease.It’s also the easiest color for the human eye to detect, making it a real draw in retail displays as well as enhancing impulse buys.Apple and Nokia in particular have put green to good use. 
     ·      Store layout is also key to a fuller shopping cart.Make it more of a treasure hunt and shoppers will be more likely to add items.  Providing previews, gifts, samples, and DISPLAYS along the way through the store?It’s almost a given, but you’d be surprised how many retailers could actually add to their sales with a little better strategic placement of their displays.

  This brings us to retail sign holders and their place in your schematics.Extruded retail sign holders come in several standard widths but can be made in almost any width – particularly helpful for those short-run seasonal promotions.These displays are designed to be very affordable and are 1-3/4” deep and 7/8” high.Sturdy sign bases keep your displays in the spotlight…all you have to do is focus on the best material for the location in the store and, you know, maybe adding a touch of red and/or green perhaps?  
     A 2-7/8” deep retail sign holder can also be geared to accommodate a number of widths.  This affordable, extruded style is ½” high and comes in a wide range of lengths, lending added flexibility to your display options.

  Maybe the most attractive option of all is our handmade sign base because the attractively sloped base can be printed with your custom message.  Consider the options that provides, not just for holiday and end-of-year sales, but other promotional opportunities at other points throughout the year.  2” deep and 2” high, here’s a retail sign holder that can be made in almost any width you want…and yes: it’s hand made!  Add your message and put it to work!  
     So consider your options as shopping season kicks into high gear, and consider how these tips can be coordinated with your sign holders and sign bases.  We’d love nothing more than to help Christmas’ red and green bring a LOT of green to your cash register during this busy time of year…and continue well into your other seasonal promotions for the future as well!  Good luck and Happy Holiday shopping!