Putting the Squeeze on Applicator Squeeze Dispensers for National Hobby Month!

Putting the Squeeze on Applicator Squeeze Dispensers for National Hobby Month!

January is National Hobby Month, dedicated to the craftiest and most avid collectors, readers, writers, gamers, hikers, artists, birdwatchers, bikers, knitters, swimmers, and the obscura obsessed. These are just a few examples, of course…there’s no shortage of interests pursued by passionate hobbyists. And for a select group, certain tools are required to get the desired results.

We’re talking about Applicator Squeeze Dispensers, Needle Tip Applicator Bottles, and Needle Tip Squeeze Bottles, all geared for super-precise applications in delicate operations. These mini bottles and applicators add paint, glue, liquids, and compounds in fine detail, delivering solutions one squeeze at a time in the tightest places!

Applicator Squeeze Dispensers come in varying sizes and shapes, like 1-1/4-ounce Oval Bottles and 2-ounce Boston Round Bottles. Color coding helps simplify the identification of the specific solvents and water-thin liquids contained therein.


Needle Tip Applicator Bottles and Needle Tip Squeeze Bottles cover different options with needles ranging from 14-gauge to 27-gauge and 1” to 1-1/2” in length. Slight variations along the way can make a huge difference, depending on the thickness and type of liquid, solvent, or adhesive being applied. Hobbyists certainly know the difference, as do professionals in high-tech firms, automotive shops, beauty shops, and home craft stores.

From thin solvents and liquids to more heavy-weight greases, paints, and cements, every gradient requires the right delivery vehicle in an Applicator Squeeze Dispenser with a specific gauge Needle Tip. Tiny Needle Tip Applicator Bottles are easy to grasp and release liquids, regardless of viscosity. And whether for crafting in National Hobby Month or for professional use year-round, precision design takes the precise application of a Needle Tip Squeeze Bottle.

By the way, do you know the word hobby traces back to the 16th century? “Hobyn” means “small horse or pony” and the term stuck with a toy horse purchased in Reading, England in 1557. Making “hobby horses” led to other pastime creations and the transformation into “hobbyism” being celebrated now in National Hobby Month!