Poster Holders for Multi-Tasking Profit Makers!

Poster Holders for Multi-Tasking Profit Makers!

     In recent years, our downsized economy has seen more businesses trying to manage with fewer resources in order to control costs. There sure wasn’t any shortage of discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the economy during the recent and seemingly endless 2012 political campaigns, but any way you look at it, a number of companies have staff wearing the proverbial “many hats”…hats once worn by MORE staff that filled those positions. Remember a time BEFORE “multi-tasker” was a common term?A lot of companies faced the tough choice: cut back or close shop.We won’t bore you to tears with mind-numbing, doom-n-gloom stats but, suffice to say, work force reductions outpaced business closures…meaning longer days for a lot of folks.Ever adaptable and always nosing the grindstone, though, America’s work force answered the challenge, stepped up to the plate, and continued to get the job done.  

     These same hard workers expect the same from the tools and products they use to make THEIR operations profitable.Makes sense, right?To have a hard work ethic, it helps to have a “work smart” approach wherever applicable.For example, when trying to convert promotional displays into future sales or potential profit right there at the point-of-contact, versatile acrylic Poster Holders can really hold its own.There are a couple of dual function poster holder styles that can deliver on multiple tasks just like you do every day.

     In office environments as well as conventions and trade shows, Poster Holders with a Brochure Pocket perform especially well.The acrylic draw of this dynamic poster brochure combo exhibits both advertising mediums at their best.Once a prospective customer is drawn to your display, he or she has the immediate option to “grab-n-go” to consider benefits and options at their own leisure, or double their interest at the possible point of sale.The addition of the brochure pocket adds interest, awareness, and gives the customer something tangible to hold on to…something filled with valuable information that can aid your sales opportunities.We’ve seen pretty solid results with this type of poster holder / brochure pocket display used as a motivational tool to buy.

  That second dual functional poster holder comes with a business card holder, lending a personal touch that still gets business done just like it always has.In a results-driven arena, acrylic Poster Holders with Business Card Holders offer an element of flexibility all their own, simply based on a vast array of both vertical and horizontal size ranges among other things.From 4” x 6” to 11” x 17” vertically and 6” x 4” to 17” x 11” horizontally, we can help accommodate a multitude of brochure display sizes and your top promotional material in eye-catching acrylic.Draw customers to learn more about that prime property opening in the most coveted new downtown district, for example.And with car sales and real estate also rebounding, having your business cards attached directly to a poster holder can make an ideal application.Customers get to see what you have to offer via clear acrylic and will have your vital information instantly to seal the deal.It’s all part of the psychology of the sale, you might say. Dedicated, hard-working employees, a good attitude, and acrylic poster holders don’t necessarily guarantee success all by themselves.  But in the grand scheme of things, you need every edge you can get when putting together a complete professional package and a polished image.  When showcasing your best products, services, and top promotions, count on our acrylic expertise with poster holders to help get you noticed first…then take your customers to the next step with brochure pockets and business card holders.  Considering display holders as an investment will make you look great!  

      Now, get back to work.    

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