Popular Business Card Holders and How to Get Noticed MORE

Popular Business Card Holders and How to Get Noticed MORE

We’d like to report – right off the bat – that the business card industry is alive and well.  Sure, attrition has claimed some sales as younger entrepreneurs especially rely on a totally digital existence with no actual customer contact. But the internet in many ways has also helped boost business card sales. According to Vistaprint VP of Marketing Communications Bridget O’Brien, business card sales are “…alive and well, particularly in the micro business industry…” with “dozens of companies” now joining and competing with Vistaprint as one of many online options for designing and buying business cards. Her comments were included in an L.A. Times article published last March, which also pointed out that U.S. business card sales reached approximately $211.1 million in 2011.

Yes, the business card industry is tough and versatile…and it’s been around longer than you may have thought! We did a little digging and discovered some pretty interesting history about the resilient business card and business card holders in the process! According to “A History of Business Cards” (by ‘Mirko’), there’s a rather fascinating story behind the first business card and their connection to some noteworthy historical figures. Check this out...

Business Cards were first used in Europe in the 17th Century.  They announced the pending arrival of aristocrats and other prosperous people – the celebrities of their time – with the shape and size of playing cards. Seems they were symbols of elite upper class status at the time…engraved with gold and some rather dramatic typefaces. By the 18th and 19th Centuries, the middle class was circulating ornate business cards, and houses even had elaborate card holders for visitors to leave their cards. It became a matter of social etiquette: “social cards” would be graciously accepted from each lady on her first visit as she entered the door. Then, the collection would be delivered to the lady of the house who, in a way, got her initial impression from her visitors based on the appearance of each person’s card.

As the Industrial Revolution marked the transition to our modern way of doing business, the use of cards also made the transition to what we see today: an effective way to exchange key information in a most direct form. And today’s technology has opened the way for more design, color, font, and shape options than ever before. It’s yet another reason why they need to be displayed properly, too. Visibility is key and here’s how we can help you get the word out…making your cards (and your staff’s) an eye-catching attraction on counter tops and walls.

Counter Top Card Holders include Single Pocket, Single Pocket High Back, and even Vertical holders for those with distinctly “taller” business card tastes. Unique Glass Green Card Displays show off acrylic in a functionally curvaceous yet simple design that holds over 65 cards at a time. Four Tier in clear? Acrylic Business Card Holders are great for medical professionals, travel agents,hair stylists, and a myriad of other professionals. Four Pocket Black? It’s a stylish, polished feature on any counter or desk top. Elegant black and clear acrylic options also apply to 8, 12, and 16 pocket holders for higher foot traffic areas.

If Counter Top models really aren’t practical with the space you have in mind for displays, Wall Mount Business Card Holders can offer superior visibility. They’re especially ideal where large customer and/or staff volumes are concerned.  2 pocket, 24 pocket, and 6 pocket black are all available as wall mount business card holders, all providing enhanced visibility from greater distances with the ability to hold a large volume of different cards. Insurance offices and real estate agencies are among the many who find these styles the most practical – putting information right at clients’ fingertips.

Wall Mount Card Holders with Sign Holders are also something to consider. A 6 Pocket & Top Sign Holder or 8 Pocket & Side Sign Holder can couple your personal touch and that of your staff with your company name, logo, and a specific product or promotion. Plus, you’re presented with a multitude of customization options…a great way to slow down high foot traffic and cross-promote your latest, hottest products and services. Substitute GIFT Cards for BUSINESS Cards with these holders and you have an instantly successful promotional tool.

8 Pocket & Center Sign Holder is a Miami style Gift Card Holder that advertises for you around the clock. 18-1/2” wide x 12” high, this Wall Mount business card holder is an attractive clear style with card pockets bordering a center display on the left and right. It’s very symmetrical – a natural draw for many eyes. Bring them in with the sign holder ad in the middle and they will grab your business card or gift card to remember you. It’s an excellent formula.

Now that we’ve traced a little historical significance behind the business card and discussed just a handful of the business card holders offered, maybe it’s time to think about how YOU’RE perceived in the 2 x 3.5 world. Who knows? You might just have the next new look to be captured for posterity. Business art chic, wrapped nicely in a business card design and displayed for all to see with the perfect counter top or wall mount holder. Not a bad idea!