Optimize Your Workspace with Cubicle Accessories for National Cubicle Day!

Optimize Your Workspace with Cubicle Accessories for National Cubicle Day!

April 28th is National Cubicle Day, designated to celebrate a unique workspace that has made a dramatic resurgence in recent years. Personally, we love National Cubicle Day in the acrylic world because it highlights the versatility of several key items. Namely, our Cubicle Nameplate Holders, Cubicle Sign Frames, Cubicle Brochure Holders, and our new-look Cubicle Sign Frame Nameplate Holders that showcase signage and name/title inserts, all in one display.

But before you upgrade your office layout, are you familiar with the cubicle’s history and why it’s called a cubicle in the first place?  

The term cubicle actually comes from the Latin cubiculum, or “bed chamber.” English usage of the term traces back to the 15th century. From there, “cubicle” became synonymous with all types of small chambers. Then small rooms or study spaces with partitions not reaching the ceiling.

Fast forward to 1967, when Robert Probst first introduced subdivided office space with his newly designed cubicle modular system. A transition to “open air” work environments spelled a decline of cubicle floor layouts but the trend has shifted back to the benefits of cubicles, especially in the post-pandemic recovery.

Cubicles give employees a private, personal workspace. And creative new styles are adding aesthetic appeal to the once-maligned partitions. Acrylic accessories also help, like Cubicle File Holders that cut down clutter and improve efficiency.

For personal identification, our Cubicle Nameplate Holders are a “can’t miss” option. Be sure to ask about free card stock included for in-house insert printing, a nice little bonus.

Need to get literature or signage noticed? Premium thickness Acrylic Cubicle Sign Frames make a perfect spotlight, fitting snugly on partition walls.

And those Cubicle Nameplate Sign Holders? The tiered design elevates the Sign Holder portion to a higher level. Just below, the acrylic blends seamlessly into the eye-catching Nameplate Holder at the base.  

Explore all your acrylic cubicle options, priced just right for National Cubicle Day!