New Technology and Teacher Training for the Campus of Tomorrow

New Technology and Teacher Training for the Campus of Tomorrow

Today’s “iGen” generation is the first to be born in the age of the internet, never knowing a world without modern connectivity. For those slightly older, catching up with new technology is not always easy. Still, it’s imperative that technological know-how and navigating through it is embraced by all ages…not just for those who use and implement it, but also for those who need to lead and teach it to others.

New approaches to teaching and learning in campus and other types of classroom environments will be the focus of a July conference in Minneapolis. The EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership Program (LTL) is a comprehensive 5-day “immersion experience” geared for professionals in a cross-section of areas from instructional design to e-learning.

According to the event’s website, attendees will be those aspiring to higher levels of formal and informal education, learning how to use technology more advantageously in the process. The LTL will cover a broad range of topics, including “Diversity and Inclusivity” across wider demographics in age, background, and socioeconomic level.

Another session will work to develop “a framework for making decisions and choices about innovation…in sync with your institutional context.” The aim is to illuminate newer ways of thinking in an age of changing information technology and creating implementation plans more successfully.

Beyond the conference, EDUCAUSE research on higher education IT trends and emerging technologies highlights challenges in cloud, data, and mobile infrastructures. As campuses ready for a new school year, there’s no doubt that preparations extend further than planning a traditional syllabus.

Some traditional campus exhibits more alive and well than ever are also getting a modern new look. Dynamic name plate holders in colored borders or glass green make a more visual impact. Also going hand-in-hand with interactive campus technology? Custom Acrylic Tablet Holders, perfect for any busy kiosk!

As for EDUCAUSE, its’ community boasts membership of over 99,000 in 45 countries, with member institutions reaching over 16 million students!