Nameplate Holders Say It All on National Employee Appreciation Day!

Nameplate Holders Say It All on National Employee Appreciation Day!

Hearing a sincere thank you can mean a lot to a hard worker. That’s the focus of National Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday of March. These days, more and more businesses are incorporating employee appreciation into their work structure and culture. Most do not have an official designation, though, and that’s why National Employee Appreciation Day is a prime time to thank the individual.

Acrylic Nameplate Holders offer a personal and unique way to show employee appreciation on an individual basis. And Plastic Products Mfg has several cool options!

  • Cubicle Nameplate Holders make a stylish addition to personal workspaces with cubicle/partition walls. Cubicle Nameplate Holders are easy to hang with no tools required. Select sizes also come with free perforated card stock for DIY insert printing. 

  • Desk Nameplate Holders come with and without borders, depending on your preference in style. Black and silver border options do frame names and titles with distinction. And each Desk Nameplate Holder is constructed with proprietary premium-thickness acrylic.

  • Executive Nameplate Holders take the acrylic display to an even higher level. One option features a thick acrylic base that symbolizes strength and sturdiness. There’s also an Executive Nameplate Holder with stainless steel posts that delivers exceptional professionalism.

Employee retention has been a challenge for businesses in recent years. It’s also no secret that employees perform better when they feel appreciated. According to one survey, a “culture of recognition” makes employee retention three times more likely.

Acrylic Nameplate Holders are stellar showcases for individual identity and even personal expression. They’re quite affordable, too. If you want to go a more lavish route, consider a gift of a day at the spa, or a nice meal at a favorite restaurant. Some organizations even rent out theme parks! No matter how you say thanks, be sure the name is prominently displayed in a Cubicle, Desk, or Executive Nameplate Holder!