Nameplate Holders, Menu Holders, and a Smart Marketing Plan Calendar through Summer

Nameplate Holders, Menu Holders, and a Smart Marketing Plan Calendar through Summer

Ready or not, Summer’s here.  Are your promotional campaigns intact?  Have you begun planning for back-to-school and early fall promotions?  The most effective marketing plan starts with a comprehensive look at the calendar NOW!

The first stop on the calendar is Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of Summer.  It’s the lead-in to summer vacation and outdoor pop-up displays, particularly in food establishments and markets going al fresco.  It could be patio dining with burgers and margaritas.  It could be retail shopping for designer sunglasses or summer dresses.  Either way, the ideal showcase for each is in the Menu Holder…like a Style G three-sided Menu Holder or Style Q for a clear four-sided display.  If your campaigns have not yet accounted for the great outdoors, consider the added revenue potential.  Sturdy, premium thickness acrylic that can stand up to the elements is also a nice benefit.

June’s spending spotlight falls on Father’s Day and retailers will want to focus eyes toward special product roll-outs in a masculine fashion.  Retail trade estimates for 2017 predict an average of $113.80 spent for Father’s Day, and here’s a great new way to create your share of the appeal.  Style A3B Magnetic Black Sign Holders combine a glossy black back panel with a clear acrylic front panel…a real head-turner in 2nd quarter marketing campaigns.

Next on the calendar, the 4th of July and a general shifting of gears into August.  Food service again should capitalize, as will the hospitality industry at the peak of travel season.  Going hand-in-hand, commerce flows heavily in trade show season during July and August: August is the third busiest and July the fourth busiest trade show month of the year respectively.  Otherwise, traditional holiday-related spending is relatively slow then, but for those in hospitality and the restaurant/bar industry, it’s a juicy opportunity to incentivize!  May we suggest Style WFT Magnetic Picture Frames?  This Thick Acrylic Picture Frame is the new gold standard…the elite among literature and signage displays.  It’s exceptionally tough in busy venues like those described above, and really grabs the eye!

Labor Day is September 4th and Back-to-School marketing will already be well under way.  University and College campuses will also spring to life as fall term commences for the 2017-2018 school year.  Planning ahead for a lot of new names and faces should include the next generation in nameplate holders: Style PNH3 Executive Series Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders.  It’s the latest of many new Nameplate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg, and especially unique because name/title inserts are held firmly in place between two acrylic panels with four neodymium magnets.  Check out some other 2017 releases, like Style NPWS Wall Mount Name Plate Holders with Standoffs.  Faculty, students, staffs, valued new employees…don’t leave anyone behind!

As for those Back-to-School promotions, did you know that families with children in grades K-12 plan to spend an average of $673 on apparel, accessories, electronics, shoes, and school supplies, according to the National Retail Federation?  Show them the way in your Point-of-Purchase (POP) marketing with the effective use of Sign Holders and Poster Holders.

And don’t blink!  It’s never too early to think about what’s at the end of the calendar…yes, Halloween and the Holiday Season.  Get your POP Literature Displays in line now, then relax and reward yourself with a drink from a Style BD Table Tent Menu Holder.  Acrylic is your clear seasonal choice the rest of the year!