Name Plate Holders for 2019 Weddings and National Wedding Month

Name Plate Holders for 2019 Weddings and National Wedding Month

In case you didn’t know, February is National Wedding Month! And for good reason. February’s not only the month for Valentines, it’s also the most popular month of the year for wedding planners. Of course, the majority of ceremonies occur in June, August, and September, but now is when the question gets popped and the planning commences.

According to The Knot some creative new trends are capturing attention in 2019…like colorful smoke bomb exits and out-of-the-box venues, where ranches and greenhouses are replacing more traditional settings.

Another key trend The Knot emphasizes is Fun, more specifically: Fantasy Fun! Where guests are served by impersonators and entertainers like Elvis, Magicians, and Palm Readers. Perfect for wedding photo-ops!

Here’s another way to personalize weddings even further. Start with name plates for guests, a great way to keep those all-important table assignment placements well-coordinated! Clear Acrylic Table Tents (Style NPF) and Slant Back Name Plate Holders stand firmly in place; Style NPS Series Name Plate Holders lend a classy, distinguished look to place settings. The latter two are available with colored borders in wedding silver/white.

Another detail that sets acrylic apart for 2019 weddings? Silk-screening and custom imprinting for the bride and groom’s special day…and that doesn’t just apply to Name Plate Holders. Acrylic Boxes for wedding cards are increasingly popular and eye-catching. Adding personal flair with custom imprinted text and colors helps create a certain allure in keeping with the wedding theme. Check out dimensions in Style PBS Donation/Suggestion Boxes.

If you’re involved with pending wedding plans either professionally or personally, you know how important every visual detail needs to be. Now that it’s Nuptial Season and National Wedding Month, we hope these ideas have helped inspire you!